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  1. No idea. I never actually went back to Dxun after Mandalore joined. I ususally do this earlier.
  2. When you first meet Mandalore there is a ramp leading up to a secret treasure room, but he always stops you from going up there *if he can see you*.
  3. I thought it was an annoying quest. In KOTORI it kind of made sense the way they organized it, that you become a Jedi and then get your lightsaber, so it didn't annoy me so much. But here, it's like, comeon, you're already trying to get going already just give me the freaking thing. And how cheap is it to get a lightsaber part from Visas? How many times to Jedi say, oh s**t, you broke my lightsaber? What kind of dark Jedi is she? Sorry if that was a bit of a rant it's just one of the things in this game that really annoyed me, especially after playing three/four introductory worlds (prologue, peragus, telos, telos surface)
  4. You need to collect three parts to assemble a lightsaber, and then speak to Bao-Dur. In almost all situations where you can earn a part, if you have already assembled a lightsaber, you will get an additional lightsaber instead. The easiest and fastest way to get the parts: One you complete Telos, either from the Ithorians or from Czerka. Another you can get from Visas, on your first planet, when you are more than 1/4 light or darkside, just step in the ship and defeat her to earn it. The third go to Nar Shadda, and kill Lootra in the flophouse (DS), or steal from Vogga --SPOILER-- (you do this by stealthing in the flophouse to overhear a conversation and then making your way to the cantina- in this order!). --END SPOILER-- I am pretty sure that the light fixture you get from Visas to answer yuor specific question. Otherwise, parts are here: Nar Shadda- Lootra, Vogga's secret treasury, Refugee leader (I think) Korriban- Jedi Master, dead Jedi in cave Dantoine- Joran, dead salvager's stash Dxun/Onderon- Mandalore, doctor guy, I think Mandalore's secret stash I think there are others but not sure. I usually go the Nar Shadda route.
  5. Is that right? You don't get a dex modifier to ranged attacks if you are wearing armor? I thought the armor restriction only refered to AC. I guess HK is as popular in KOTOR2 as he was in KOTOR1. Does he really do more damage than a Jedi with master speed and dual-wield?
  6. I don't know about anything unlockable with Mandalore (??), but: T3-M4: you need to have set Revan to Light Side, and I think also male (but I'm less sure about that). Then if your computer skill is high enough and you have sufficient influence you can work on his behavior core (follow the conversation paths, one of them will lead you to it) which will unlock a secret message from Bastilla. This will grant you either LS or DS points depending on what you say as well as experience. GO-TO: I assume you are talking about this... you need a decent amount of awareness for this one, you need to have spotted a fair number of the irregular droids on Nar-Shadda (the full list is the droid in the swoop race, the droid in the cantina, the one helping the Bith scientist, and the one that T3 notices in his private mission). Afterwards, if you have even a little bit of influence with GO-TO (you can get this just by demanding to get paid for restoring regions) you can ask him about his operations and eventually you will be able to ask about various things, including his use of a hologram which grants you a little scene. This whole thing will also grant you bonus xp. I think you are maybe mistaken about your remote question, those are just sensor balls.
  7. I thought I saw a custcene where Bao-Dur edited the Remote to fix droids on the go and shoot lasers. But I never actually saw this happen. Was this cut? Or is it just not working on my PC version?
  8. So, I've played this game a few times through and still can't decide. Who is the best ranged support? I've considered everyone except for Discipline, Handmaiden, Visas, and Bao-Dur, who I think would just make sucky choices. My current favorite is Mira, I usually level her to 12 as a scout and then go sentinel. With bonus feats for targeting and precise shot and the rest dumped into duelling, close shot (or whatever it's called), and weapon focus, she's a logical choice. Give her master speed, rapid shot and a heavy repeater and wallah, she is zapping 6 shots a round. Plus of course the rocket/grenade launcher thingy for extra support. Oh and force reflection to get benefits as if she's carrying a lightsaber, plus force wave for defensive support. Oh and yes she has lots of skills, and useful ones. I usually give her stealth and stealth run to even her out, with the not tripping mines thing she's got as a bonus she's all around pretty cool. I also thought Hanharr was a decent choice, also because he's a pure scout he gets a lot of bonus feats, give him pistols and rapid shot and set him on a "ranged" script, he does a lot of damage and then switches to swords when the enemies get close. Then there's Atton who gets sneak attack but not nearly enough feats. Though I was dissapointed to see that HK-47 is a LOT less powerful in this game than he was in the first one, I mean yeah the assasination protocols are cool but they're only useful if you've got a high critical stat and even then they don't do THAT much extra damage (compare to Mira above who has a zillion attacks). Plus he's a droid, which I don't like. Any other thoughts out there?
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