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  1. Well my problem seems to be related to the dvdrom i had in. i brought a lite on off of newegg. just got it today. installed it and it's working like a champ.
  2. I'm sorry if this isn't clear enough. I have a straight FD-16 DVDROM16X. I velieve it a plug and play i'm not sure. I had for it bout three years now. on two different computers. But I have a problem that has plagued both my computers. Everytime put a disc in I have to manually start the disc either thru the icon or media play if a cd or movie. Or installing I have to go thru my computer explore the drive or disc and hit auto play. Additionly Most of my games i can only play once then i have to restart my computer top play it again my cd games are fine side the fact they won't auto play. I'm n
  3. after replaying kotor 2 for the 100th times retract my statement.
  4. i think he did i think him and the exile are one in the same. i cann't really explain it. but i believe kreia knew that too.
  5. i'm reinstalling kotor 1 on my computer. and it keep giving me the same error message everytime. it in same place use this a choice skip retry or abort in the past. but i'm getting this now. component: cab us file group: swcabs us e:\data2.cab data error: (cycle redundency check) can anyone help me
  6. uh, hate to tell you but it's not "official." the AP is not the body that decides VA's outcome. it does seem likely, however. taks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sure, but according to the Allen camp, assuming they're going to do what they said they'd do beforehand, Allen's going to have to concede. Barring any revelation or interference from the courts, it's in the bag. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i heard the rep. in the senate rce in montana hasn't conceded either
  7. i'm kinda glad the dems won this year. i supported bush 6yrs ago and 2yrs ago. but i think he made a mess of our foreign policy. only demy i would voted for lost im the primary two yrs i hope he runs again. no i'm a not a rep. i'm a ind. but i tend vote rep. when i don't the ind. running. i vote dem this year accept for state governor i like rick perry. i was to young to vote when bush was governor
  8. i like it. but there parts i disagreee with
  9. oh sorry i didn't mean to spoil it for you guys
  10. dewaybe2678


    I just watch BSG's premire. have to say i'm alittle disappointmented i liked idea of 13 copied or however many there were originally. but now so many of it nuts. but Saul's right he fighting a war. i don't approve of sucide bombings. cyclons are dumber then i thought more people youu kill the more will fight
  11. i would like the ability to take more then three characters out at a time.
  12. lol i did you be amazed how much non related crap i got:P
  13. does anyone know if coming back for it third season?
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