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  1. It will be out 'soon'. Now... just how long is soon? It will be out sooner or later...
  2. Shouldn't that be October then September? j/k I'll wont lose hope though... doing what they are doing is hard. I mean every bug fix is has a potential to make a crash or major bug... I'm actually surprised they haven't had more pop up.
  3. OMG OMG Okay that's out of my system. Great work you guys I look forward to reinstalling KOTOR 2 when your finished :D
  4. :bat: Alright, who let the testers out? :bat: Really though... it seems that the team is doing well. Just can't wait to see how evil I can be... Keep up the good work.
  5. I concur. Thanks, Dash. Well, I suppose I can wait. And you misspelled "Patiently", Accept. Lord almighty... there there, everyone's not as skilled in english as you mate Work harder dashus! that project's supposed to be done by summer! And it's May so they have six months. That depends on where you live so to speak... :D
  6. I feel something, a disturbance in the force... oops wrong thing. I'm happy that they are almost done. Of course if it was a cruel joke, I'm coming for you guys! AND I'll find a mob too
  7. Inventory... where the heck do these guys carry everything. I mean my Revan was a walking armory...
  8. Number One thing I would have liked is a lot more back story. Like who the heck is Atris in the first place and what was she to the exile? generally more character background for ALL the main and primary characters. Number Two? Well... more choice one who the heck got to join the party to save (or destroy) the galaxy. I'll admit I'm a guy, and for some reason I'll play mostly as a female in most RPG games that I play. I'll also come out and say I hate the disciple, G0-T0 and Atton, I really want to shove them all into the nearest black hole. Number Three... HK-47, I love that droid and
  9. lvl 32 guardian/Sith Lord... usuallly I get around 30, I like to do most of the things in the game.
  10. Someone was hired to rebuild it at some time by some one. Anyway I think it would be the old hag... maybe the old man too. Who knows?
  11. what happens if they reach 7b9? and they still have bugs. 7b10?
  12. i just had a thought what if a *official* patch came out from LA, after this using the teams work? Still you got to love the TSL team, they stuck it out woot!
  13. I'm just gonna say this, Lightsabers could be defined as a form of plasma, Okay? So to make a lightsaber you would have to have the tech to, 1) Control the flow of plasma, 2) have some sort of way to make the plasma{though it is possible to use a magnectic field to contain air particles and use those, but in that case it wouldnt work in space }, and 3) control the shape of the plasma. Oh and dont forget 4) a power supply strong enough to power the darn thing. I do know how ever that you could say I "lightsaber"(in a sense) has already been made, however since i am to lazy to find the webp
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