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  1. I agree with Red the planets should definately be bigger i felt in kotor 2 the planets were more of loaded areas rather than a planet. In all actuality they are but i didn't get the feeling i did when i played the first one One example is Taris When i played the first time through it became enthralling, like you could lose yourself in this game being on taris the people felt more real like they had there own problems and their own personalities it added realness. However all of that is also a mixture of music dialogue ambient background sounds and the graphics, however it seemed that kotor 2 was lacking in a few. in my opinion all the music sounded the samein kotor 2. However in kotor there was at least one different soundtrack for every planet. and there were definatly areas i K2 that had problems with ambient sounds. especially in the city areas. but enough on my rant on kotor 2 it was a great game and i enjoyed it but that aside it could have been so much more That said they need to be bigger better and more populated much more to do on the planet.if i buy a game i dont care if its long as long as it holds interest. Pazaak and racing were great ideas in the first Kotor and made for a neat little side story a good way to get involved in the planet so to speak. but in Kotor 2 it seemed tacked on. pazaak was a little more developed though thats why be it a returning character ar a new npc if the planets are bigger it needs to have a story that supports it as such if your group has to lay low on a planet you will remain there for a while but have enough side quests to keep people interested and make sure it affects the people in the area as well---in the game having more dialogue with the static npcs would be nice instead of trying to talk to civilians and them say nothing or the same things over and over again Also i think it would be interesting to have a reason to return to those planets also a good way to lengthen a story and keep people enticed. Also im a big fan of the ebon hawk its a sweet ride now its to the point that it is nostalgic. in my opinion it should probably have a face lift, I would not be angered if they changed the ship but they will have to create one just as cool as the hawk have its own story maybe a predecessor to slave 1 or the outrider or something close to the original sketches of the ebon hawk It would be intersting to see some new hilts and hooded clothes items ect but lets be honest not everyone walks around in armor and the ight armor looked like pajamas i kotor 1 and 2 how about some padded pants and a padded jacket like some han solo stuff more normal clothes sounds wierd but we all like to custom make our own look in the game ne armor makes robes ect if the not a returning npc then i would like to see a rough character like kotor 1 remember the trask ulgo line "I've heard about your reputation" but again let it be up to the person and what class they choose. also it wold be nice to see more classes though start out as a scoundrel, scout, soldier whatever work your way up to transcendent classes such as Kotor 2 more weapons would be nice as well such as different models for guns and swords clothes ect. be cool to see some helments lol and instead of short swords maybe daggers or knucklers wold be cool to use as well of course i am arealist and i know that you cannot fit an entire galaxy into a few gigs of course that doesnt mean i cant dream lol .....I apologize for any spelling and punctuation errors in advance
  2. how about a longer game dont get me wrong 7 planets is almost the correct number but I would like to se more of them for instance telos one side of the planet is a big city (not like coruscant smaller ), you can then hop on a shuttle to the military base where they sell goods and merchandise to veterans and such, hop a shuttle to the space port where you can buy supplies and more illegal weapons Also I know in these games your on the outer rim worlds but since the republic is trying to enforce their laws and bring order you may be confronted with paying fines for carrying illegal weapons such military grade heavy repeaters. maybe a side quest that your lightsabers and weapons are confiscated you are imprisoned by yourself and have to rely on either the force or hand to hand skills More robes with hoods and more masks :ph34r: maybe and this is a big maybe, how about using the lock on feature and go for fable style combat but depending on your weapon's damage and pros, and cons would affect the damage dealt although I would still rather have turn based instead of a crappy game like advent rising stay third person view no first person I hate first person unless its a shooter more use of the ebon hawk for example an item storage system/ depending on the clothes or armour your wearing you can only hold so many weapons and items for instance if you have heavy armour on you sacrifice mobility for protection and more lugguage, so you can hold one lightsaber and one blaster pistol, six grenades,medpacks, stims,ect. or you can sacrifice your grenade belt for a heavier blaster and have twin sabers. or if you have jedi robes on you can carry up to four sabers single bladed or two single one double. customizationof saber hilts colors metals ect. using astro charts. intergalactic communication-(making and keeping allies on different planets and checking in on them) hairstyles and tatoo's would be cool but they arent nessecary a new and improved hawk I know this isnt a whole game makeover but just little things that would increase the immersion of the game feedback please
  3. I will kill myself if it is like Morrowind <_<
  4. thank God somebody else feels the way I do heres another idea, If you want to go all out and "this is optional i might add" pay for a cloaking device and that way you could skip the turet minigame alltogether also I wold like a better plotted story that would allow you to communicate via holo pad in the main hold with people in different systems jeez and also a use for the dual quadlasers I mean there never used,....... never swoop upgrades as said before but also painting or really more like choosing color schemes And for some reason I liked the in transet part of the 2nd fame it just made it feel more real I would like to see more of these in the future but with that also more things to do while your in transit{EDIT: these shold be optional} good idea for the kolto tank and brig or cage onoe or two other space stations with yavin as an unlockable due to finding the lost spce charts I would also like to see more activity on the ship, t3 wasnt enough cough...cough...coed shower room...cough " Just kidding heres a new idea an intergalactic space news channel And dammit I want my smugglers compartments back. Seriosly They need to have a side quest where you can pay or earn a smuggler compartment installation then you get bourded. depending on if you did or didnt get it/them you can get off scott free, or for having illegal weapons and contraband you get caught , and if you are light side you end up losing all your exotic and illegal weapons or if yor ds it ends up a bloody fight you barely escape and you cant leave the planet until it is reaired plus you have military forces looking for you :ph34r: Sorry..................nerd moment there I really need to start taking medication but really I would like to see more immersion with the ebon hawk because sometimes I felt whats it here for I could just get a shuttle Ill end my geek rant on this: old is not bad it is good just like new is good but old can still be better than good if you strap on a suiped up hyperdrive big lasers and a disco ball (w00t) .......... wait ....scratch the disco ball :cool:
  5. ok ok this maybe wishful thinking but I thought it would be cool if the hawk could be customized or revamped or ..................................... pimped
  6. Aaron Solo - Ls male sentinal weaponmaster Cyrus - Gs male sentinal watchman Zha-Shien Dokuu - Gs guardian master
  7. because the hawk is the falcon in the books it said the original design for the millenium falcon was an old freighter the freightor was so old that they didnt know how old it really was, but it was such a well engineered ship and held a fairly good design. so they decided to use it and then the yt 1300 freightor was born, it does look different but they made some major alterations to it this part is rumor but I heard that lando got the original yt 1300 which still had components from the old ship
  8. to your beginning post daniel I understand what you mean never leve the woman he loved but as you can see the starwars seris deals greatly in irony so revan leaves the woman he loves to protect her a parodox you could say by any chance do you know where revan eventually ends up Edit: this story is all about revan yes the exile is important too but revan plays a far greater role both revan and the exile know what it means to bring balance to the force to embrace th gray side
  9. elite elite Im thinking the hell wih the old design its gonna have to be rebuilt so in essence it will be a new ship not to mention the ebon hawk is vital. please ask me why
  10. I just have a few things to say hoods robes blowing in the wind lightsaber glowiness bigger more involving areas more use of the ebon hawk <_<
  11. Listen phantom I was referring to lucasarts and to create a new story they would have to rewrite all the original movies or just exclude this game from them alltogether but then it wouldn't be a starwars game the books and novels clearly state when a jedi goes to the yuuzhann vhonng planet after the jedi civil war but I mean to can the kotor story would be sad for me the game was so good the first time I played it jeez secon third fourth and so on also the story was good in the second one but bad decisions were made as far as gameplay elements went for instance one thing that aggravated the hell out of was bein level 50 and becoming god like once you got to level thirty there was no challenge at all I think Obsidian had some good ideas but didnt know how to present them properly hmmm. maybe a trio of lucas, bioware, and obsidian would definately bring something interesting PS: why does everyone hate revan and the exile I mean Jeez I need some frigin closure here I didn't put all those hours in for a thrown out story I would like to see at least six games i mean maybe next one flegling jedi destined to stabilize the republic 4; exile continues his search; six this one should be real long start out as the exile stop that story, start revans story {notice I didnt say final}
  12. Revan and the exile will have to play a prominent role because it has to go along with continuity I mean they created the exile now there stuck with it plus the bigger badder sith is already written into the main story in the days of jacen solo fighting the yuuzhan vhonng they are the bigger badder sith most people didn't know that but thats what happens in most of the novels.
  13. I want to say something. during the first time I played Kotor 1 I could not explain the utter feeling of depth and immersion I felt walking out onto the streets of upper taris and then I saw some of the blocky graphics and lack of detail and then I remebered it was a game Don't get me wrong I LOVE THIS SERIES, I have played each game both ways through male and female, light and dark about 12 times through and each time I see something that needs improvement. This is about increasing everything: voice overs, timing, humor, foreshadowing hyperbowl, all the other literary lingo; graphics how about stepping it up, wether elements day night elements more detailed shadowing/reflection, combat animation, player customization/portraits Gameplay more feats' powers some easyer to obtain than others making some weapons more useful instead of a bunch of useless ones. and maybe being able to use the onbourd computers/communications...ect. with rpg's its all about immersion folks. get them hooked and they wont stop playing.
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