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  1. That sucks.... well I guess if I create a gun character, I will just pimp him with dual pistols.
  2. Do rifles get any bonuses from the two hand weapon feet? Do they get bonuses from the dueling feet?
  3. Yeah and I don't think the Sith are going to go as far as blowing themselves up to defeat one jedi
  4. moral of the story? Play LS. Cause all of the dark side benefits totally blow compared to LS.
  5. The jedi wouldn't employ such a bomb on their lightsabers and what happens if the bomb got struck during a fight or the computer system glitches? It isn't really pratical as the risks are not worth it.
  6. OMG TEH COLLEST IDEA!!!! /sarcasem You wouldn't be able to grip the lightsaber and the blaster will way more than hte lightsaber throwing off the whole balance of the light saber. You would be better off using a pistol in one hand and a lightsaber in the other
  7. The only reason Kreia wants revenge is because no one wants the old hag. She was the head of the jedi Libary, she got banished for being Reven's master. She even got her force surpressed by the masters. So Kreai went off to join the Sith, but Sion and NIhilius were both getting ****ed that Kreia wasn't doing anything against the jedi so they took things into their own hands and exiled Kreia out. Ever since Kreia just wants to end the force period because she's a crazy old hag.
  8. Yes it is. I am in seriously doubt that the KOTOR story will continued on because of how Obsidian literally killed the whole seris off with its Kotor 2: The Writer's block. Seriously LA should of stepped in and prevented Obsidian from realising Kotor 2. I can surely tell you I can write a better story than the so called writers at Obsidian. They might know how to write stories but they don't know how to write stories that are interesting. Kotor 2 Writer: All in favor of the death of the force plot Smart guy: I must disagree, the story is completely moronic. Kotor 2 writer: STFU
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing KOTOR a movie. But not the story of Kotor 2. I think Kotor 2 should simply fade into the history as it was simply horrible. Sure the new items and game mechanics were a great improvement but the story was very bad.
  10. 35 hours and felt short cause the content was either A) bad B) Incomplete C) Generally stupid
  11. Yeah. That was how I beat Malak in K1 as a consular. Zap him with lighitng and ran.
  12. The chances are that we will never see a Kotor 3. Atleast in the near future, the only ones who would continue on with the backstory would be Obsidian, Bioware and Lucasarts. But it's not like "Oh no, Kotor 3. No more starwars games". There will probably be games like Outcast and Kotor comming out in the future
  13. Hmm Kotor was generally hard when on normal. Of course it's easy when you're on easy lmao. Though Kotor 2 I have been playing every game on hard (Normal for unlocking doors) and the only time I come close to dying is the Czerka base on Telos
  14. Oh well it's typical for LA. They have been laying off all of their game designers for the past 10 years. It's really interested to know that LA tried to undertake the project themselves, though the team got layoffed. So unless a company picks it up there isn't even going to be a KOTOR. Great work Obsidan, ending the franchise with a crappy game.
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