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  1. Thanks guys, I read 'When Father Craves The Duck' for a school report and I couldn't resist making my own :D
  2. I based this song off E V Wright's 'When Father Carves The Duck'
  3. When Carth Carves the Gizka Slipstreme We all look on with anxious eyes When Carth Carves the Gizka And Revan almost always sighs When Carth Carves the Gizka Then all of us prepare to rise And hold our bibs before our eyes And be prepared for some surprise When Carth Carves the Gizka He braces up and grabs the fork Whene'er he carves the Gizka, And won't allow a soul to talk Until he's carved the Gizka. The fork is jabbed into the sides, Across the breast the knife he slides, While every careful person hides From flying chips of Gizka. The platter's always sure to sl
  4. Kreia would win 'hands' down, she has three 'magic' lightsabers for crying out loud!
  5. Or the ever-popular Handmaiden vs Bastila (imagine the possabilities!)
  6. LOL! Like any self respecting English Teacher would do that!
  7. Bastila never said that she stopped feeling her link with Revan, but just because she can feel the link dosen't mean she can find him/her
  8. There's another group working on restoring the DP
  9. I was only kidding, when they made KOTOR II they only wanted to amp up the graphics, they put so much time into graphics that they didn't put ANYTHING into the story
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