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  1. I did the same as you, unintentionally ending up killing kavar. I did decide to help Vaklu, but that was just because I thought what he was doing was for the good of the republic, I was well miffed when I ended up helping the sith and killing poor old Kavar (who I really liked)
  2. I thought that it was a draw between Traya at the end and Mira taking on the Ubese. Did someone say they got to kill Talia. In my game as a bloke I killed Kavar and then Vaklu ordered his men to shoot Talia after the two of them had battles for a bit.
  3. Does having lightsabre finesse mean that all that affects how much damage you do to the enemy is your dexterity skill? Is there no need for any strength?
  4. I dont think any of the them beat Revan and Malak wandering around Dantooine in the darkside getup. What does this mean?
  5. I would have liked to have gotten my lightsabre back when I defeated Atris, to show I was a jedi again. Dare I ask what 'Whips and Chains' and 'hot juma juice mode' mean?
  6. Going on what I found on Wiki GO-TO was an extremely powerful droid made by the republic with two main commands ,1 help the republic and 2 don't break any laws. However the two orders went against one another so he gave priority to orders 1. He therefore doing illigal things that none the less helped the republic ie capture all the jedi and Sith as most major conflicts were caused by force users. Hw is doing illigal things that still help the republic.
  7. I never got past nevermind with Bao-Dur Either, what does he have to say and I never found out that Canderous was Mandalore. I think that it is wrong that you can only get influence with certain charactors if you have them with you at certain locations, it should be that certain events trigger new conversations, even if the charactor isn't with you at the time.
  8. I prefered Kavar as he was the nicest guy, Vrook was very impolite and the other bloke's moustache just freaked me out . PS What does Vash say in the Mod (does she die at Korriban all the same?)
  9. Nah, I have always loved the 'Yoda's', Vandar should definately have featured to teach you the Ataru form , maybe the developers found it too difficult to put in a new style of fighting with him as he's so differant to other force users.
  10. Wether I'm LS or DS when i defeated her we talked for a bit then she just drops dead (so it is possible if DS for you to kill her, but LS she decides to die?)
  11. I found that guide, but it says that if you go dark side then you stay on malachor and become a sith lords, it also says you can let Kreia live, what is that about. I can't get the requird influence with T3, so what is on his messages from bastila and carth.
  12. I didn't get round to finding the holocrons on Korriban and the messages on T-3 (rubbish repair skill) and i was wondering what did Carth and Bastila say in these old records?
  13. I hear you mention cut lorna vash speech how does she get to talk if she is dead when you find her?
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