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  1. Vader (or Vater) is Father in German I believe..
  2. Oh just end this and make Both of them Hermaphrodites....
  3. As far as conversation/story goes, he did mention that whatever he did in the Mandalorian wars, he did out of hate and revenge. HE built the mass shadow generator that destroyed Malachor V. AND he was only a low level tech when your main character was a "General" in the wars. How many generals get chummy with the low level techs during a war? As for knowing Canderous was Mandalore, atleast on my playthrough, Kreia mentions it in the "Last gift of future vision" that she gives after her defeat at Malachor. But Bao-Dur was AWESOME for me. I used him as unarmed specialist. He broke defensive shields of most enemy characters for me. My main had a lighsaber and the third member was either Atton/ Mira with Master Rapid shot and a Heavy repeating rifle/ carbine. After Bao-dur was through with shields, you can imagine what my ranged character's effects were...
  4. Dude.. Did you use him as an unarmed specialist? He kicked azz for me. Also if you gave him a strong ion lightsaber after you made him a Jedi, the droids got SMOKED. If only they'd left the HK factory on there...
  5. I hated that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> -Spoiler Tagged. We are still in General... -Battlewookiee
  6. Spoiler Tagged. Remember to use these things when posting spoilers in General -Battlewookiee
  7. Ok. assuming you're right (and no offence meant, just some obervations). But I do thank you for replying. 1. Still doesn't explain "molten carbonite" if the bond was false. 2. If T3 were pimpin the ship, he coulda stopped it from free-falling. 3. I replayed Traya's killing and no one shoots G0-T0. (and its obvious he IS the real G0-T0) 4. Agreed. 5. Considering her imaginative scheme for killing off the Force itself, they didn't come up with a better name than "Trayus" even if she founded it? Well, atleast they didn't name Darth Nihilus' ship as "Nihil" or something . Also I do not remember in any Star Wars books/Games etc., where subsequent Sith took on the names of old masters before them. They'd consider it an insult NOTE: you can get Darth Nihilus' mask, but you can't wear it. AND Force Storm is waaaaaaaay too powerful, even for LS.
  8. Hi Just finished KOTORII for the first time. Several things strike me as really, REALLY odd. 1. Kreia and the exile have a really lethal force bond. If anyone remembers, kreia losing her hand felt like "Molten carbonite" to the exile. So how is it that when Kreia DIES, the exile walks away scot free? 2. They show the Ebon Hawk doing a free fall into green nothingness on Malachor V. Yet it conveniently flies up after the battle and takes everyone to safety. 3. G0-T0 disables Bao-Dur's remote and says " I cannot let you activate the mass shadow generator. This is where our programming conflicts" and guess what! Mass shadow generator goes active. Did G0-T0 suddenly drop dead allowing the remote to activate it? or a change of heart..er..processor? 4. They do the whole rigmarole over the Sonic imprint sensor being a tracking device and NOTHING happens with it. 5. Its REALLY CHEESY that the exile meets the main antagonist, Darth TRAYA in a place called TRAYUS academy. Gawd!! I'm sure there are lots of other things, like some quests never getting complete, but these were the most irritating ones I had to get off my chest.
  9. It did. I am now on Korriban. I took Mandalore to Dantooine on the way. Esok (red mandalorian dude in the merc group) dies, but the others sign up. Thank you all very much for your help.
  10. First off, a thank you to everyone for their replies and welcomes. I thought I would reply to all the ...er.. replies at once. Hope thats ok. The wee mouse? Yes I did. I've also paid the info guy outside the swoop race place. Thank you for that. Could you specify the correct forum for such queries? Would help me out a lot in the future. Do you still have access to the airspeeder? If so, I think that's the problem. Fly the thing back to the Refugee sector and walk back to Ebon Hawk--going back out through that entrance on foot I think is the trigger. The airspeeder lets you complete quests outside the Refugee Sector without forwarding the plot, as long as you remember to walk back out when you're done. The takeover always happened right after that. (You are only able to complete the other two quests with any certainty with TSLRP's restoration mod. Dantooine is hopeless without it. But the criminals should appear on Telos. They were present in Czerka office right after I'd talked to the TSL commander and Ithorians, but before I'd sided with either group--but this quest may give you more time leeway than some others. I've only ever seen them on Telos' surface once, and can't figure out what I did differently that time.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I will do as you suggest with the airspeeder. Thank you again. At the risk of sounding like a moron (might be too late there :D ) what is TSLRP's restoration mod? or TSLRP? Also I read something about a cave exploit in Korriban that allows for ungodly levels. Could you tell me something about that? I do thank you for all the help.
  11. I completed all the refugee quests and helping out Fassa as well. I am still not getting the cutscene where the other ship lands and takes over the Ebon Hawk. Yes, I already handed the Hawk over to the dude who claimed it was his, but for some weird reason can still enter it. This allowed me to convert Atton, Bao-Dur AND the Disciple into Jedi. I defeated all the pazaak players. I stole from Vogga AND convinced him to let me have a go at G0-T0. I wiped out both the Serroco gang AND every member of Saquesh's gang (including Saquesh). Have I missed a trigger? Also I have completed Telos, Dantooine and Onderon (Part 1) before going to Nar Shaddaa. (Note: I had the Mandalore in my party so the group you get in the warehouse has now gone to Dxun.) Other stuck Quests: I never got the two criminals in Telos. I went to Czerka after EVERY SINGLE thing I did on Telos. The ladies you're supposed to talk to to complete the Redemption quest in Dantooine disappeared. Heeeellllllppppp!!1
  12. My Lvl 50 Jedi has 30 skill in repair, and nothing happens. How high must your Repair be for this? 50? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How in hell do you get your Jedi to be lvl 50? The most I ever got was 28. Am I missing something?
  13. Ok. I tried everything i've read in these forums and more, but my droid STILL won;t !@#$%^& move in the fuel depot. Here's the config: WinXp with SP2 INtel Celeron 2.7 GHz 1GB RAM ATI RADEON 9250 256 MB graphics card. Catalyst 5.6 drivers KOTOR Patch 1.0b installed. Anyone ever get the bloody thing to move?
  14. Ok. I tried everything i've read in these forums and more, but my droid STILL won;t !@#$%^& move in the fuel depot. Here's the config: WinXp with SP2 INtel Celeron 2.7 GHz 1GB RAM ATI RADEON 9250 256 MB graphics card. Catalyst 5.6 drivers KOTOR Patch 1.0b installed. Anyone ever get the bloody thing to move?
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