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  1. have you tried the trick where after getting into the game you turn off then back on a advanced video option to reset the video (like soft shadows)? this clears up my slowdown if it happens... of course it has a chance to come back the next map change it is nitpicky of me to nag their spelling, i agree i just wanted to get it off my chest... *phew*
  2. That loose and lose are two different words and have different meanings? There are at least two points in the game where the subtitles use loose when the character is obviously saying the word lose. lose, to be unsuccessful in retaining possession of: he's always losing his car keys. loose, not fastened, restrained, or contained: loose bricks at least there are no there, their, they're confusions... but still... kind of sloppy i would also like to express my displease with some of the animation in the game, it wasn't terrible, it wasn't good either, seems they just to
  3. Well, no.. I guess not... I don't want to spoil anyone that reads this but I guess it's inevitable to solve my problem... I got this power from the Sith girl, the blind one. When she first got to the ship I talked to her and got the power. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> press caps lock ( i think) to go into first person mode in order to use the power
  4. i'm sorry but you're wrong, a eula is worth something i don't know about specifics if the validity of when it comes into effect has been challenged, but you say you're the expert yet you have not cited any cases the eula for the software our developer has produced has held up multiple times in court for denial of service when the contract is broken playing a huge (and recent) role in a major copyright case defending legal liability with use of the software etc etc etc i don't doubt that in the US legal system somehow, someone could argue that a peice of software didn't run on t
  5. make a complex game that runs on 100% of all machines and you will be worshipped it just isn't possible there are obviously some big big problems with kotor2 same as the first one it was developed as a console game and the pc version is an afterthought, although i hear the xbox version is just as buggy facts are that console games outsell pc games hands down, why put in extra work to polish a pc game when you can get better sales by making a console game that is easier to produce? it isn't dubious, it's business i also am not defending the practice of not supporting a game
  6. ok well i guess im kind of a moron, but they're also labled poorly when you interface with a droid or panel they're called repair parts but when you buy or make them they're just called parts, which i thought were for something completely different so i CAN make them on the work bench... ugh why not call them repair parts everywhere? ... double ugh thanks for the previous help, im going to go cry now
  7. once again i need repair parts and there is no way to make them on the workbench, so i think you're wrong about that i can even make computer spikes, and repair kits but no repair parts please tell me i'm missing something!
  8. t3 only makes spikes for me and i do not see any way to create repair parts on a workbench maybe repair KITS but not parts no matter, i set my repair skill to 50 which meant i didn't need any parts, fixed it, then set it back to what it was before
  9. im sure it doesnt have to be completed, but that is the way i play games i complete anything and everything in an area before moving on it's OCD or something
  10. im on dantooine, im trying to repair it because it needs to be... i dont know what it will do i haven't been to any other planets and i would prefer not going to them before i finish dantooine does it really matter though? i just need to know where to find repair parts
  11. theyre used like computer spikes when accessing a computer console i can't find any ANYWHERE, granted i haven't been many places but i don't want to move on without fixing this one console... just cause im crazy someone please help me or give me the item id so i can cheat, i dont care at this point im not talking about repair kits either someone help me :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  12. it is possible they will but you may need to have a refund issued through lucasarts and they will give you one if the retailer doesn't the EULA has saved game devlopers in multiple cases, and saying it means squat... you obviously have no idea what you're talking about you think they put it there as a joke? or to try to scare people? EULA's do hold up in court, there are many cases of it you are not bound by the EULA when you purchase it, you are bound when you install it and not only is it in the back of the manual, you have to manually agree to it while installing the game yo
  13. yes, don't hijack other peoples threads that have no relation to your problem make a new thread and start by turning off auto-restart in XP so you can at least see the error Control Panel - System - Advanced - Startup and Recovery - Settings - Untick "Automatically Restart"
  14. I dont even think you want to know how long i have been waiting.. suffice to say over an hour! just red this now so let me get back to you on the tools worked thx <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Rad tools just do playback and conversion outside of the game. So they won't affect playback in game. Good for viewing the movies later but really messes uo the flow of the game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ahh ok, thx mate.. them no need for taking my computer through the horrible blizzard! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> at least it USED to install their 'codec' that could help
  15. try running it again, start then run but type this instead chkdsk /f /r it should then say it will have to check next time you reboot, agree to this and then reboot the machine, after the XP loady bar shows up your drives will be more thoroughly scanned/fixed
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