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  1. Well, I just ended the game without using the Force sight and I never missed it... I got it from visas but my card doesn't seem to support it. In the end my Jedi was so powerful I didn't need any warnings anyway...
  2. Well... I guess there will be none, at least for some time... I have just finished the game and don't intend to play it again unless they give us some major patch.
  3. And the bugs just get weirder and weirder... Perhaps they wanted the door to be already open... Thanks a lot Battlewookiee!
  4. I'm having a big problem on nar shadaa. At a certain point Mira came talk to me about my meeting with Visquis and said my friends would be in trouble. Then there was a brief fight between Atton and the Twin Suns, which I won, and then it went back to the Exile and Mira, who were in Mira's place. She poisons you with the polluted air and the puts an enviro suit to go meet visquis. When she gets there the suidy orders the exit to be locked and the private room to be opened... Now here comes my problem: the inner door to the Jakk'Jakk Tar just won't open. When I put the mouse over it it shows
  5. He's the reply from Big Chris himself : Let's see... checking the design docs, the way it should work is: 1. Visas and Handmaiden *have* to have their first fight, which requires that Visas have a higher influence with the player (by 15 points) than the Handmaiden does. 2. Then that opens the door for the Mira and Handmaiden scene, so Mira has to be in the party. Hope that helps, Chris <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So, did I get it right that after Mira joins the Handmaiden will speak to me again if the got mad at me in the first place? i w
  6. The exact same thing is happening to me... On top of it, the Handmaiden won't talk to me anymore...
  7. WARNING: This is a big question full of spoilers. As it is on the spoiler section I don't think I'll have to make it black, but if you think so, just ask me... I've got a doubt about the Handmaiden... My planet route was Telos and the Onderon, which was closer... When I got to Onderon, after going back to the Ebon Hawk before leaving to Iziz, Visas found me and we fought. I spared her and was nice to her. I had already sparred with the handmaiden one time and could not beat her. Then I got to the Ebon Hawk again, still on Onderon, and got a sequence of vids of the other characters inte
  8. It doesn't work on 1st person either... I'm guessing it's really a problem with my video card. Maybe they'll solve that in a patch, if it is at all solvable...
  9. Well, no.. I guess not... I don't want to spoil anyone that reads this but I guess it's inevitable to solve my problem... I got this power from the Sith girl, the blind one. When she first got to the ship I talked to her and got the power.
  10. Sorry to create a duplicate topic, but the first one to address this problem (Who has it?) had a title that didn't make clear it's subject. Well... I use the power and simply nothing happens. How many of you are experiencing the same problem with force sight? I have a geforce2 video card with the latest drivers. Could that be it? It's horrible not to be able to use such a nice power. If anyone knows how to solve this, I'd be really grateful...
  11. I'm having the same problem here. My video card is a geforce2, so I'm guessing that may be the problem. I know that with that I don't get to see the holograms in blue as they should, but that is no way as frustrating as missing one of the powers I wanted to see the most, which is force sight. I just hope someone knows if that is the case... But I think we should start a new thread called Force sight not working or something like that.. or perhaps renaming this one, if it is possoble to do so.
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