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  1. First off this is not a pro kotor 2 thread so if you are in denial turn back now. 1. No history really revealed by kreia yet she ended up with the Ebon Hawk so what ship does Revan have possibly Kreia's. 2. Kreia had the droids but we were told Revan left all behind including the droids odd they did not stay with Bastilla and or Carth. 3. Kreia admitts to locking the navicomputer but you still cant get HK to unlock it. 4. Kreia tells us that Revan didnt exactly fall and was trying to keep the republic strong for when he took over so why did Kreia try and kill all the jedi. 5. Why did m
  2. I say they redo kotor 2 cause it sucked and it kills me to say so
  3. I think new innovations to weapons would be good lets throw some decent weapons in like sith blades that either look different or actually have powers how bout a lightsaber trident and a double bladed lightsaber trident or even my favourite a bladed deathscythe. Once agian better robes (robes with hoods) (robes with more upgrades) (no crappy colours) and for god sakes please some cool looking and also useful helmet/masks. I think Bastilla should be running the Jedi academy on coruscant screw kotor 2's jedi they sucked like juhani. (w00t) I hope visas is dead for kotor 3 she had to be t
  4. I dont like pazzak too much cause i usually always lose but i do respect its unique part of the game. Id like to keep it around for those who do but I dont want it part of the story so maybe have a few characters in a cantina to play with if u so desire. Swoop racing I like although i find it challenging and sometimes difficult I feel it has a big part to play in the story as its rise and fall to eventually pod racing lol. The game of Kotor 3 I hope adds Dejarik hope i spelt it right sounds like a game of either chess or battleships or a mix love to see that as its my cup of tea.
  5. A lot of posts on the subject so I am confident my two cents has probably been covered by other members but anyhow I wish to add my two cents. Kotor 2 was good gameplay wise but its story really did fall way below par. So many floors to list the characters background to me felt rushed and poorly meshed together just didnt have that quality flow of kotor 1 and Influence became annoying having to constantly earn light side points to get much of the story. The male and Female exile versions were different with desciple and handmaiden. desciple had story knowledge and handmaiden was a seductre
  6. that is sweet id like to see mandalor in k3 except 85% robotic after being blown up or something
  7. i have a broken quest as im sure you all do the navi computer which is locked by kriea why cant i get hk to open it despite knowing kriea locked it
  8. i dont know why some people bag the game cause of bugs i dont know how bad theres are mind you but mine are relatively minor like now and then it will freeze or lag in combat but on the whole a good sequal. Anyhow for kotor 3 my main request is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be a bit more truer to starwars as in kotor 2 not 1 of the jedi masters was an alien i would of hoped in k2 for two human jedi and the rest alien jedi.
  9. dont know how many of you are xmen fans but when i was playing dside atton seemed to look familiar like i had seen him somewhere before and as a darksider it finally clicked could atton really be the lost mutant Morph from xmen old tv series the appearance is similar No?
  10. i thought it to be more along the lines of a commonly used swear word involving slight bathroom usage with ones head S... HEAD lol. however i have been know to make mistakes. from time to time.
  11. :D im a sociopath no wonder i dont get along with meatbags
  12. Not here yet i am told monday but (w00t) is it me or do i have sucker written on my face
  13. Still nothing in WA where did you get yours from Azazel005 ?
  14. i dont know what to do one person in the store sais 14th one 17th and one MAY i get my hopes up but each day dissapointment.
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