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  1. So was Bastilla, instead, because they got rushed, they decided to make her nothing more than an echo of the past...A real shame...Something I am going to remedy with my modding...
  2. Well, again, all I can say is that you should just keep killing Kreia...Just keep hitting her with everything...Use Thermals, those are particuarlly effective :D
  3. Answers: Irritated Exclamation: Master! Please edit your posts like everyone else. Or I will be forced to report you to the authorit-tahy :D Irritated Unnessasary Addendum: No, you don't have to reboot AT ALL.
  4. It was one of those uber-crappy EP1 games that caused XWA to be rushed a year ahead of schedule, and the EP3 games have caused K2 to be rushed in the exact same manner. When it comes to making cheese off ****ty prequel console games, Lucasfarts never holds back...Their business ethics need some...Re-structuring EA is even worse, but I'll save that discussion for later... I never blame Obsidian for K2's problems, they tried, but Lucasfarts rushed them...It is just like I don't blame Totally Games for what happend to XWA, for the exact same reason...
  5. Edit your posts... Ahem, Override, no quotes...That's just something I do, sorry :D
  6. You can load as many mods into Override as you wish...I myself have about 20, give or take The mod proceedure for K2 is identical to the proceedure for K1, download the Holowan 2 package for K1, then download some other stuff to add to it, that's what I did for K1... It took me all of 5 days to learn most of the engine's code (hacking X-Wing since '93 taught me a lot), so now I'm making my own huge improvement mod for K2...Fixing bugs, adding things that were disabled or deleted, and fixing gameplay exploits and re-balancing the game back to the D20 ruleset (honestly, levels over 20 are NOT needed to make K2 better than K1...This was the worst design choice they could have made...sigh...)... Very much like what I am doing with XWA, with the major exceptions that I am making several full campaigns of about 120 missions, and I'm adding about 50 new ships and stations... Anyhow, K2 is identical to K1 in all modding aspects...Sure, there are changes to the way the code is handled, but it's pretty much all the same... You don't need to reboot, either Sigh...Just right-click in your main K2 folder, use the little menu option that says "Create New Folder", then name it "Override", then dload your mods, be sure to dload WinRAR and install it (I never use WinZIP any longer, too cumbersome and most mods are in RAR format anyhow :D)....Then just start extracting mods to Override. Be careful with mods that alter the same files, however...If you want to combine multiple mods that are incompatible, you will have to dload KotoR Tool and use the .2da editor to make them work together, but that's a much more involved lesson
  7. Well, whatever...All of the EP1 games blew ass so hard that the legions of loyal SW gamers couldn't **** right for the next 5 years...We still can't sit straight...Remind me to gather some mercs after EP3 to arrange for some playtime and payback... <_<
  8. I've had the same problem. Its because of the video card you have. Nothing you can do except replace it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's not because of your video (I doubt it), I have a 9800 Pro mod to XT, and I personally modded my drivers to make sure they were totally compatible with every feature that this game engine could produce... You see, because this game was rushed a full *YEAR* ahead of indended release by our beloved publisher, they screwed up the following Force powers: 1. Wookie Frenzy/Marauder's Rage (This was meant to give you Master Speed extra attacks, instead all it does is boost a few WORTHLESS statistics that can be obtained better through master Items or through Master Speed) 2. Force Speed (This power is nerfed because it doesn't give you your defense bonus, instead, you have to cast shield right after you cast speed...Doesn't that blow?) 3. Force Wave (This power is probably the only non-DS attack power, and guess what? EVERY F'N DROID SAVES IT, AND ANY ENEMY OVER LEVEL 5 WILL SAVE IT TOO! TALK ABOUT A NERFED AND *BROKEN* POWER!) Now, I am taking modding measures out on these powers to fix the scripting problems, but as I have said in other posts, I will not release mini-mods, and my entire K2 mod is far from being up to my perfection standards, so... I am shocked and amazed that T7 or Darth333 or one of the other "l33t" coders hasn't done a mini-mod for the busted Force abilities yet...Usually they don't miss the boat like this...They never did with K1...*shrug* EDIT: Back to topic, the busted Visas thing is being worked on right now, but I'm having an issue finding the correct graphics to use for it...They never even attached a graphics file for the effects..Looks like they intended to use a different color from Wookie Rage/Marauder Rage...Maybe I'll just make a yellow/gold variant of that to go with Visas's Sentinel colors, or some-such...Or I'll use blue if yellow doesn't agree with people..
  9. I lost you there. And Vash doesn't have to be the first one to kick the bucket. Remember that Vrook, Ell, and Kavar can all be killed by you before you go to Korriban. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh, it is very simple....You see, Vash and Bastilla on Korriban were cut due to Lucasfarts rushing the game...Again There is remarkable physical evidence within the game's files to prove that they probably had Bast lined up to either join your party, or become a charecter something like Atris...I imagine there is FAR more to Vash than they could pack into a game that was rushed a year ahead of intened release <_< You see, we lost an ENITRE *YEAR* of development time, and K2 comes off as *SOOOO* half-ass that it is the worst screw-up by Lucasfarts since Pod Racer!
  10. MIIIIRRRRAAAA'S ENTRY RAMP, YO! "How many pathetic little **** we got on dis' ship, anyhow?!" "YO!!" :D
  11. I honestly never found this bug...Nor most of the other problems that people are claiming exist... Anyhow, I have gotten all the Forms except for one...I don't know the name, because I have never gotten it before...Have not even looked it up in the code yet...sigh... My personal fav for WM/SM builds is Master Flurry, Speed, Shield, and Juyo...Almost nothing could even hit me before I killed them in one or two attacks :D
  12. Alright... Here's my LS build for Alaric (you can dupe this for FPC's, same specs, I just use male all the time...I have never used female...Not my scene ): Base Stat: STR - 15 DEX - 14 CON - 14 INT - 10 (For building the upgrades and stuff, you really need to give your allies the Class Skill feats, Kreia, T3, GOTO, and Hanharr come in useful here) WIS - 12 CHA - 10 (If I missed by a few numbers, just go and use KSE to make this, it's not a cheat if you do in this case since it's such a small change) Skills...These are so-so, I just use KSE to give 10 to all skills, but all you need to worry about are Treat Injury and possibly awareness or persuade (Pers especially if you use a few of the mods out there)... Equipment (This is the creme' de la creme' of a Weapon Master or Marauder, without this stuff, your build is going to blow corn chunks): Implant: Universal D-Package (ALWAYS boost your CON in this build until you hit 18, then switch to STR later) Head: Force Focusing Visor or Bindo's Band (Don't argue with me, this is needed to give you some offensive Force powers to tackle the armies you encounter at certain areas of this game ) Hands: Dominator Gauntlets or Sith Power Gauntlets if you want to boost Kreia or another Jedi in your phar-tay with the Doms.. Right Arm: Best energy shield you can equip...Try for Verpine's, but if you use the Beginning Items mod, you will get an Arkanian with unlimited charges.. Body: This is heavily debatable with me...Sometimes I take Jal Shey Mentor with Energy Shielding Mark 4, Bio Underlay 5, or I will take Mandalorian Assault Armor with Bonded Plates Mark 4, and Flex Underlay Mark 5...It's up to you...I use mods, so I have no force casting restrictions with armor...Just my personal preference..I don't see why, REALISITICALLY, that the use of the all-powerful Force should be held back by something as corporeal as Armor :D Left Arm: PC's Armband Right Hand/Left Hand: Double Lightsaber (Expert Fencing Emitter, Pontite Lens, and Ultimate Diatium, with Orange/Silver crystal, Nextor and Opila if I go with Crit strike methods, or Hurrikaine with Sapith if I use Power attack, or Qixoni with Kaiburr if I use Flurry) Belt: Immortality Belt or Immunity Belt, or Inertial Inhibitor..Or Exchange Utility Belt if I'm in a pinch... Tactics: This build is a close-range killer, he/she is made to be able to stand toe-to-toe with just about every enemy you face, the only things that can stand a real chance against you are Storm Beasts, the Zakkeg at high levels, or the Drexel Larva...Pick ONE attack feat tree...Which one you will pick depends on which tactics you like to use, do you prefer massive criticals and stunning with Crit, do you like to slap the **** out of everyone? Use Flurry...Do you want to crush your enemies beneath your heel and make them fall down? Use Power Attack... Whichever feat tree ya use, just remember that any of them can work with the WM/SM builds...It's a matter of personal tastes and style preferences...Most females I have seen (my gf included), prefer to take Critical Strike because it is elegant and it immobilizes your enemy, so perhaps, for this build, you should consider using that...Most males either love to slap the enemy to death with 6 attacks of lower power, or re-define "Death From Above" with Power Attack... Force powers: Master Speed Master Heal Force Shield Master Meditation Master Stasis Master Wave Master Lightning Master Death Field Every other Force chain is immaterial for ANY LS or DS build, period...Between spamming Wave/Lightning/Field at range, then using Master Speed and Shield up close, your enemies will die VERY fast...If they didn't die from the Storm/Wave/Field spamming between me, Kreia, and another Jedi of my choosing, then they died when they came close because I would so commonly employ Master Flurry, Speed, Shield, and Juyo form...Between those four things, nothing will be able to compete with your melee-monster :D EDIT: OH! AND LEARN HOW TO *SPELL* :D <_<
  13. That is what everyone keeps telling me, but I am unemployed and I refuse to go on vacation because I want to finish my mod projects for XWA and K2
  14. There are certain ways to fix this with modding...I already took care of it last night...Levels beyond 30 aren't needed to play this game, or this engine...
  15. Bastilla reminds me of the typical young person (say, 18 to 25, ;-)) that has been tossed into a position of authority/responsibility with little or no support or coaching/consulting. She's made the bog-standard mistake of trying to control and/or micro-manage everything. She gets very defensive about anything that might question her authority or fitness to be in charge because she knows inside just how unprepared she is. It is just that she's been told she can't be undecisive or hesitant because "it's bad for moral". :sigh: I'm very tolerant of her because I know from decades of experience that leadership (and management, too) are skill sets that are learned and take time to build/honed. Tossing someone in to 'sink or swim' all to often results in a dead body on the beach somewhere. Bastila didn't get the support she needed: another indictment of the failure of the Jedi Council. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for that...It was what I meant to say, but I didn't take the time to explain my meanings properly Bast has no skills with manipulation, and you need such skills, regardless if you use them for Good or Evil reasons, you still need to manipulate to be able to influence others to do what you need done...Know what I mean?
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