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  1. You can teleport your sidekicks to the scene of battle by taking a few steps away from it. I found that out by accident during a 'normal' playthrough where I had sent stealthed Visas ahead to scout.
  2. Would you need to take it out with a Holy Hand Grenade? If so, would that be considered DS? Well, if the resurrection point is beyond the ravenous obstacle then blowing yourself up mightn't be such a bad idea after all. :D I remember that in Freelancer people used to crash their ship into the nearest planet in order to return to base quickly ... And I don't know why you need to ask about the alignment shift, even a child could work that out. If you're LS then you get a DSP for attacking yourself since you were clearly not acting in self-defense by any stretch of the imagination; if y
  3. Well, the 'right' difficulty is in the eye of the beholder - that is why games have different difficulty settings. Both the original KotOR and NWN hit the sweet spot for me going solo on 'difficult'. But KotOR 2 on 'difficult' is like 'Tourist' mode in Serious Sam. And this has nothing to do with d20.
  4. In a few cases this may be a solution, but not in others (e.g. mercs in Ithorian compound - unless the games gives you an option to have the ruffians carted away by the TSF). Be that as it may, I have heard that D&D Online will implement such a system. For example, if your path is blocked by a Ferocious Gizka then you get a set amount of XP for getting past it in any way you choose - cloak and sneak past, stun and run, or feed it Hanharr with peppers and wait until the beast goes looking for a quiet spot where it can throw up without a couple of nosy adventurers ogling.
  5. It's the other way round. The Assassin combines the spell casting abilities of the Marauder with the 'melee prowess' of a Sith Lord. The minuscule FP advantage of the Assassin over the Marauder is so small as makes no odds; the thing that's needed (and which only Consular-type classes get) is Force DC to make spells stick against non-grunts, and extra spell damage can also be useful. 6-36 extra Sneak Attack damage may look like a lot but it isn't: - it applies only if enemies are stunned or surprised (or for the first round in a scuffle if you have Force Jump), so you don't get
  6. Well, I could have posted 18+8/12/16/8/8/8 (melee) 14+3/8/14+4/15+1/14/12 (melee, beat all skill checks) 8/18+?/8/8/16+?/12 male (mageish turtle) 8/15+?/14/8/16+?/14 male (turtlish mage) Each of those would be perfect in some sense and not in others. There is no 'best' config for any purpose, just plenty of trade-offs. I see little value in posting concrete recipes without the reasoning behind it ... Everybody has to decide for themselves which combination of trade-offs they find most pleasing. And for an informed decision you need to know a little about pros and cons.
  7. What are you smoking? A Guardian/Marauder kills enemies way faster than any other class combo and dead enemies don't do damage. Moreover, a decent Guardian/Marauder owns the opposition the whole time from Peragus to Malachor, while Consular-type characters take quite a while to 'bloom' - they are only efficient during the second half of the campaign. Remember, even a Guardian/Marauder gets enough powers to master the Stasis/Insanity/Storm chains in addition to all Force buffs and Heal (for emergencies/mishaps). I've played several melee fighters on 'difficult' (Guardian/Weapon Master and G
  8. Not really. A turtle takes hardly any damage and so there is no urge to dispatch enemies quickly, but you cannot really call something a 'melee character' if the melee damage output is on the same level as that of a pure-bred spell caster like a Consular/Jedi Master. Despite the insanely powerful upgrades and booster items (and not to forget some of the new feats and lightsabre forms), roughly one third of the damage output for a high-damage melee build is still from STR, like in the original KotOR. Guardian-type classes (Guardian, Weapon Master, Marauder) with Dark Side mastery get a good
  9. I know that it is supposed to work that way but it doesn't always. Several times it has happened that the fight was over in something like a second - my Exile would join the fray near the battle circle via Force Jump from the hangar and BAM!, Mandalore cutscene. Incidentally, some of the assassins must be super patient. In a game where the above happened, my Exile went back to the Mandalorian camp a loooong time later, after all planets were done. When she got near Mandalore's HQ a group of assassins spawned ... It was quite hilarious, what with the battle cries of the Mandalorians (Kelbo
  10. Same here, but that was before the patch. After the patch it didn't work anymore in my game.
  11. It would seem that the alignment requirement for the prestige class is exactly the same as for getting the Visas vision cutscene. That is, at least halfway towards one of the extremes. I am mentioning this because I have seen various theories here on the boards that suggest stronger requirements (like e.g. mastery or very close).
  12. I agree so far. Disagree. There are plenty of reasons for doing the sidequests that do not break you out of role-playing. A cash-strapped adventurer looks for possible sources of income, a light-side character will usually help because it is the right thing to do, a DS character has a reputation to uphold. Replace 'defuse' with 'recover' and I disagree again. Cash isn't exactly plentiful unless you play a DS character, do a lot of swoop racing or play pazaak for money; mines can be converted to cash or components/chemicals, and they can be used to detonate locks or enemies. Recover
  13. Please master impart knowledge of this "POWA-GAYMING"!! If really you wish to know, open a new thread for the topic and I'll lay everything out. In fact, I have already done so, but the bits and pieces are scattered all over the place. However, the gain from powergaming - perhaps two or three extra levels - is not really worth it unless you have done everything there is to do and you want to try a meta-gaming playthrough like a max-XP run or a min-XP run. This can be interesting in itself and a lot of fun. But once you have meta-gamed you cannot go back to playing normally, much in th
  14. I think there are three 'levels' to this. (1) Exploring thoroughly and doing optional quests. Some of the optional quests are easy to miss, as are some party member interaction options (upgrading T3 fully, doing the skill training thing with Kreia, getting Force Sight from Visas, and so on). There are also things like that you cannot get the Peragus HK to admit to mimicking the voice of the maintenance officer (?) unless you were able to ID the console in the fuel depot, which you can only do if you sliced the computer console in the medbay earlier. The grand total for this little sideshow
  15. Well, it'll be back for you as soon as you start a character with the Guardian class. "
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