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  1. First, what are those attacks that are like orange and purple lightning (no not Force Storm?) Also, it looked like Kreia used it on the Jedi during the LS story, so how did she kill them?
  2. So right now I already DS, Im doin LS now, is it much harder to kill Hssiss? Cause it was real easy as a Sith Lord.
  3. Is there a way to get more experience once youve visited all the planets? Do enemies respawn (like I heard bout the Hssiss on Korriban) and give random loot?
  4. I played the game through, I never got Malak's lightsaber (which I heard you got)
  5. Well, obviously Vader could take the Emperor, as he simply LIFTED him over his head, and Sidious just screamed. Anyway, think, Sidious planned the Revenge of the Sith for like his whole life, and all the time kept it a secret, and even as Chancellor where he would have the most media, he had a double life. Plus, he came back a few times...
  6. Well I also heard there was a small romance plot with handmaiden with enough INF, so when does that happen, or was it cut?
  7. How do I get the confrontation scene between Visas and Handmaiden (I heard there was one)? Thanx in advance.
  8. Ive actually seen that show once, and I thought the same.
  9. Well Nomi Sunrider was with Exar Kun, which was only bout 50 years before KOTOR.
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