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  1. Like allot people have already say to you SP... try to uninstall the editor.. and clean all your save files.. if that don't work.. reinstall the game without any cheats.. I'm 100% sure that it will fix you problem.. In the other hand.. you can keep crying here for a solution that will NOT come.. and keep hoping that the NONE solutions other people give you will work.. but hey.. everything is possible with the force... You could call Kreia and see if she can help you with the force born... (w00t)
  2. Is this a normal problem with the game ??... lol.. I much be very lucky.. I never have that problems.. E_Motion... you should read everything in the topic.. BEFORE your jump into defending some one that is clearly in the wrong... I know about that known problem you are talking about... but is nothing to do with SP problems.. READ!!! ffs....
  3. The reason why most people responded to you like this.. is because if you using a program to manipulate the game or cheat.. and you getting bugs and problems with it.. it's only your fault that you have problems.. nothing to do with the game. Is like complaining about how much the pollution in the street is damaging your breading.. when you are smoking about 20 cigarettes a day.
  4. I have to say that the Influence system for DS confuse me to... Eg. You just come from killing lots of innocents and then you have a conversation with... lets say...the Handmaiden about *the way of the Jedi is helping others when ever you can* so she gets influenced to Dark side ? (Exile)- Hey Handmaiden.. I just killed lots of innocent people and I enjoy it that. (Handmaiden )- Ohhh and what you think about doing such evil? (Exile)- Is the way of the Jedi to try to help others when ever you can... (Handmaiden)- Ohh I love you!! you helping others.. I will follow you to the Dark
  5. I agree... don't use cheats... most of then are poorly scripted and done by semi-want to be programmers... just play the game the normal way.. and if you can't.. you should stop playing computer games mate...
  6. Interesting view... I think in the case of this game.. the *table* will be the Force.. the * hand* will be Kreia.. and the Exile is the *tool* to break the table.. Kreia wants to destroy the force.. but the force is to strong to just crushed with your hand.. so she looks for a tool to do it *The Exile*... the problem is that in the process of building up the tool *Exile*.. she discovers that the tool she is using is making the force stronger * The table *... So in the end she finish with a tool that can only be use to repair the force * The Table * and not to destroyed. Then she try
  7. Well the full point of playing DS is to be a Sith Lord... and Sith lords.. don't try to influence people.. they demand obedience... they want slaves not friends.. Try to chance the way you focus your character... you don't trying to make friends or find allies... you trying to find slaves and servants.. in the end of the day once you get the DS mastery.. you don't really need any one.. you can clear few rooms with a bit of lighting... or dry your victims out of live. I got through the full game as DS with only Visas as my partner... all the others were just my slaves.. If you hav
  8. Maybe the full plot is to do with Revan trying to destroy everything to do with the force?.. Maybe Kreia is the one that is been manipulated by Revan?.. and not the Exile... Maybe the Exile was the Key for Revan manipulation of Kreia ?... Maybe ... only ... maybe.. The Exile is just the excuse.. and Kreia is the REAL key... We should see ....
  9. I go with Visas... all that naked fighting with the Handmaiden will be dangerous after a bit.. specially when you get trough the 8 or 10 tier of learning.. Imagine.. by then you will be fighting with chains as underwear.. and using the lightsabers to spank each other in the * A$$ *...
  10. In the case of the exile.. and this game.. is few keys of what is going on * Something happens to the exile during the Mandalorians wars * - Only Revan and few in the Jedi console knows what It's. - Kreia wants to exploit what ever happens to the Exile. - The Exile have not clue not what so ever of what is going on with him. Is a connection that the Exile have with something in the force.. that is related with Revan... and that connection is what every one is interested on.. Kreia wants to manipulated.. Atris wants to use it.. and the Jedi's wants to destroyed.. The Exile is ju
  11. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well the light / dark side explanation...will be similar to why Humans are good and bad.. Why some people sacrifice there life to help others... when other people dedicates there full life to destroy others ?
  12. lol... Well even that no one ever have explain what the * force * really means.. I suppose the more logical explanations will be.. something in the area of particle manipulation in an atomic level... everything in the universe is make of atoms.. you, me, you car, earth, the sun.. etc... If the *force* could be defined.. will be the manipulation of all the atoms in the universe in a spiritual level.. ( the connection with everything on the universe death or alive ).. so people connected with the * force * could .. ( with training ) manipulate things around then by using the atoms in a speci
  13. From the 1st time I played this game.. I seen the Exile like a desperate man.. looking for love in any area.. with any woman... let my explain.. -The Handmaiden Nice body.. weird personally.. white hair ?? -The Exile: Hmmm weird woman.. short white hair..* arggg*.. but hey!! nice body.. hmm lets fight in underwear with her.. and see what happens.. -Visas Dark side... blind.. exotic character.. -The Exile: Hmmm she can't see me... so she don't know I'm a old man... should be easy to manipulate her.. but wait she is a Sith!!! ... oh well who cares... she looks very nice anyway
  14. Try to play LS Female... but only use the dancer uniform.. with the blaster you get at the start ( on Pegasus station )... and only with T3 and GO-TO as party members.... I try it that ones... trust me is funny as hell... :D
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