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  1. The galaxy droid is a known glitch-thingy, if I recall correctly it's triggered if you, after the leviathan, choose to go to the same planet you were on just before the Leviathan. Or perhaps it was if you go to Dantooine. The multiple zalbaaaaars is sometimes a side effect of the galaxy droid, but as far as I know it can't mess the game up. Not sure though. Oh and by the way... don't tell the galaxy droid to take you to Taris
  2. What's odder is that they can be choked by Force Kill
  3. The only confirmation you get that they are "dark" is when you turn them, when you are told "partymemberX has taken the first steps down the road of the Dark Jedi Something..." In all other ways, there really is no difference. But it's the same with the PC, so it makes sense really.
  4. First, You , and that is the only way to get it. Second, What do you mean by "Dark Jedi"? If you're DS when you turn your partymembers, then you are told that they become Dark Jedi Guardians or whatever. That makes no difference in-game (as far as I know) however.
  5. Perhaps you are not good or bad enough? You need to be very LS or very DS to get a prestige class. If you can't enter on Korriban, then you are too neutral to get a prestige class.
  6. In a way, yes, since by taking them with you you have the chance to say or do things that they will like (or dislike), thus giving you additional influence or taking it.
  7. For your first question: Talk to kreia once you're level 15+ and strongly aligned to one side of the force(very LS or very DS). One conversation is all that you need. For the second question: It is very difficult, if not impossible, to turn all to jedis in one playthrough. Take a few of them now and others next time. The key is influence, you must gain influence and say the right things. I think you need to talk to a twilek on Nar shadaa for Atton, and you must take Mira to Nar shadaa too. But always, it is influence that matters. Oh, and those who can be turned are Mira, Bao-dur, handma
  8. Almost forgot - Freedon Nadd's short lightsaber is one of the very few items which allways drop and allways in the same container. I seem to recall that you should be able to... aquire... for example visas's lightsaber, but you can't find it ingame.
  9. There is no PC-lightsaber. There might be some "special lightsabers", but loot in kotor2 is random, and those lightsabers are impossible to get honestly(as in not cheating) exept possibly if your level is insanely high.
  10. I really hope they actually include Sion playing with kittens. That would be awesome
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