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  1. Yea i accidently sold t3 on Nar Shaada and i was wondering if it effects being able to get at the exchange.
  2. Just wondering woh was every bodys favorite sith from the games are and why.
  3. No, thats Traya, not Tayra. Yes who is this Tayra you speak of. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sorry i was half a sleep when i posted aleast people knew who i was talking about
  4. She's tough ... but not unbeatable ... Here's a few tricks: - before you first approach her, amp up with the best flavor of every stim you have - as soon as the first combat starts, master speed, then beat her down with your lightsaber For the second combat: - run away - either hide behind one of the horn-shaped terrain features or run back down the ramp - usually only one of her lightsabers will follow relatively closely - heal, stim, buff - Kreia's disembodied lightsabers are susceptible to Force Wave (i.e.: they can be stunned) - very helpful if you have Sneak Attack or if you
  5. PLease help me it is relly making me mad that i could kill everybody except her so fast. So please help me.
  6. Watch episode three i think its the water ballet secen Palpatine explains it
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