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  1. In the savegame editor, do not play with Visa's or Handmaiden's influence. You rather have to set the global numeric variable "000_Women_Trouble" to "0". That will solve it.
  2. You can walk around Telos Citadel Station with B4-D4 instead of going straight to Czerka offices and talk to people. Most poeple will have something specific to tell you. It just sucks to see the love put the developers in details like that, and then to see that so much of the content was cut. Mandalore rectruiting missions? Yeah sure, but what happens when you do them? You do not even get influence with Mandalore!
  3. Yes, you get lightssaber parts as rewards where you usually would get a lightsaber. I did Korriban as my first planet and than Dxun. I got I finished my first lightsaber on Dxun. The most powerful item ... well, I did not open many crates and didn't really get any good items. Obviously the Ossus robe... I was very lucky though to get at an early stage a zabrak vibrosword giving melee-finess as a bonus feat. Very helpfull for my high DEX bulid. And of course, the stealth enhancing belts and headgears were most welcome. To all who say there is no point in rushing through the game: I play
  4. But does it really work to do only that? I have to do this, but it is not sufficient, or I am doing something wrong. As to going in and out of levels, the bar is a separate level and I believe you have to enter the docks to trigger the "Hanharr meets Vogga" cutscene, otherwise the exchange will not contact you.
  5. Again, I am not trying to brag or anything, sorry if it came accross as such. Unlike the FPS run-through, it does not take any skills at all, just a bit of planning. Everybody can do it. My first quick run-through was in 13 hours, but there is so much stuff you can cut out that I came down to these 7 hours. I believe it can be beaten by at least half an hour by making a few different choices. This is the time clocked by the game, not the time actually played - you can pause the game to level up and equip your party (though that does not add up to much time), and I had to do a few reloads and t
  6. Too bad you're PC is not darkside - you could crush the boss easily. I can only suggest to use medpacks and stims in between rounds by using them directly from the inventory. IMHO it is not an exploit, since you can use only one item per round (but can still fight in that round). Also, have you checked your attack stats? Are you using lightsaber(s) designed to increase your attack? Are you using equipment (e.g. headgear) which increases your attack? Do you get any malus from dual weapon wielding, flurry, etc? at this stage, you just want to hit, so avoid anything which gives you a
  7. Now, of course not, My PC was level 14 with 91261 XP. But so what? The enemies scale according to your experience. The only trouble is that you have less force powers and less feats. And you have to take "stealth run" and crap like that as feats.
  8. Exactly. I take myself the time from KSE, from the last quicksave just before giving Kreia the final blow. The timer was at 7 hours and 11 seconds. My actual playing time is higher, I had to do some reloads. In any case, I did not want to boast. This is my 5th run through, there is nothing extraordinary about it. I am posting this to point out how much you can skip in the game. For example I did Peragus in 37 minutes: just run past all robots, switch off those you can switch off, ignore the others by using shields and a high defense built, the only one you have to kill is HK-47. On th
  9. It was my fifth run through. I wouldn't call that a waste of money...
  10. I don't know if anybody would care to watch it. I mean 7 hours of running stealthed past sith troopers is probably less exciting to watch than people knifing their way through quake.
  11. I have tried to go as quickly as possible through the game, using stealth, running away from enemies, doing as few quests as possible. I have now finished the game in just 7 hours, from Peragus to Malachor V. My PC made level 14 in the last fight before meeting Darth Sion. Now I will complain with LucasArts that the game is way too short
  12. I you kill only one jedi master, you will meet the other ones at the Dantooine enclave, but they will know what you did and will attack you. Sounds scary, but it happened to me once (more an oversight then intention) and it was a pretty easy fight killing both of them (I had killed the guy on Nar Shadaa).
  13. You do not have to kill the red eclipse, you can run to their leader and talk him into submission. The guys outside the Ebon Hawk will still fight though.
  14. Peragus: HK-50, only the sith soldiers at the very and with the laser cannon Telos citadel station: you do not have to kill the mercenarise, just leave the Ithorians to sort them out themselves. Telos planetside: some mercenaries in front of the old military base (not a must, but the cutscene uncloacks you), a lot of droids in the base, and the 3 HK-50 on top of the secret academy. Nar Shaddaa: You have to kill the twin suns (in the cantina), Hanharr or Mira, and more or less every droid on goto's yacht. You also need to kill some of the thugs to get the exchange angry at you.
  15. You cannot go through the game without killing anyone, but you can run around stealthed and avoid most fights. For example on Peragus, you only have to kill the HK-50 and the siths you kill with the laser turret. On Telos Citadel station, I remember you only have to kill the false batu, the guys who drop in then you get the new droid, and some exchange thugs. On Korriban, you only have to kill a few beasts. What sucks is that the game takes you out of stealth whenever there is a cutscene (e.g. Kreia talks in your head) and that happens quite often when you are surrounded but enemies who w
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