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  1. The Exile and Revan should team up if they have the same aligments. If their aligments are different than a fight should occur after the True Sith threat has been destoried. I hope that this series will be like the movies and have six parts. Game 4 - 6: could be mainly about the children of Revan and (Carth or Bastila) the Exile and (Atton, Disciple, Haidmaiden, Mira, or Visas). It allow people the chance to grow up as a child and decide between the Jedi, Sith, or something else. Have a random generator to up random missions and have hey missions at critical points of the game (like a no
  2. I think every character should come back like in the the Star Wars Movies. Kreia should come back in spirit form like Obi-Wan in the movies to help guide her students through their journey and her to redemption from the dark side of the force. Atris should come back and try to help Revan and the Exile for her redemption like Kreia. Atris should have a former love interest with the exile maybe have it respark or she could get involved with someone else in the the group. All of the characters that were playable in the other 2 games should be playable in the third. When playing, the group
  3. If the True Sith Empire were wiped out by the Republic in the Great Hyperspace War when what is Revan doing searching for this ancient empire. Maybe the remains of the True Sith empire rebuilt. Why would he need to send for the exile's help. If you read the T3 droid memory core there is a message about this. Yes, the thing about the Rakatans may not be true but it would add more depth to the storyline and more history to the series. Maybe the Star Forge that was destoried was not the only one Star Forge. Maybe the True Sith found the others and using them to create a new battle fleet.
  4. Maybe that is what everyone thought about the True Sith. Revan was the only one with resources of once being the Dark Lord to know otherwise. He retraced his steps of his former life after the Star Forge and rediscovered the threat of the True Sith. Remember how no one know about the Rakatas. Maybe the True Sith was nearly edicated from existence during the reign of the Rakatas and they have been rebuilding their empire ever since the fall of the Rakatas. Now, they pose a threat to the Republic.
  5. The Ravanger found the Ebon Hawk and a space battle occurred. If you read the logs in the Harbinger briefing room it would tell you about the distress call from the Ebon Hawk. The captain called his superiors and was told to find the Ebon Hawk. The captain was ordered to bring the Ebon Hawk back in one place because of the interest of other superiors (Carth). The Harbinger got to the sense and both the sith ship and the Ebon Hawk adrift in space. The Ebon Hawk was loaded in a shuttle bay and they linked up with the sith ship. From these logs I beleive that Kriea was searching for the exi
  6. Maybe Revan returned to Malachor V in search of answers from his former life and Kriea guided him through the process and maybe through the sith archieves. That would be like a Master and Apprentice relationship. Then Revan either corrupted Kriea or after Revan left in search of the True Sith Kriea stayed and was corrupted by the dark taint of the planet.
  7. Light Side Angle:I believe that after the Star Forge Revan was slowly (a month to a year) overtaken by his own emotions of the mass destruction he caused and his lost sense of self. So, he did the only thing that he could do to place together his former life. He told everyone they he need some space and time to deal with his problem. He take the Ebon Hawk with the droids and visited Malachor V and he find some of the answers that he was looking for. He then visited the planet that had the temple of the Star Forge and Korriban. HK-47 was shoot up at Korriban and the various parts were take
  8. I heard rumors of the development of Kotor3 being put on a shelve or stopped. I actually believe that Kotor3 is almost complete and that the beta testing is already or will be done shortly. That would explain the statement that I read somewhere else that the Kotor3 development team was laid off. I believe that Kotor3 will be released after Episode III the video game's sales peak. So, the Star Wars products do not compete against each other in sales. And it will probably be on the next generation of XBox. I would not be surprise if Kotor3 is of the one of the games that the XBox 2 will b
  9. WraithStar thank you for your post I am no longer confused. Her job was to find and to teacher the Exile at any cost. She know that the Exile was the only person who was capable of following Revan and assisting Revan in the fight against the True Sith. And after the final test her task was complete and she decided that she should become one with the force Like Obi One did when he was fighting Darth Vader infront of Luke. Maybe she needed to be the Exile's spirit guide like Obi One was for Luke. I hope that they finish this on going video game novel. I would buy Kotor3 in an instant
  10. I tried to save Kreia and the dialogue between her and the Exile still confuses me. This the a summary of the dailogue. Could someone help to understand some of it. What did she mean when said: Save me? You already have
  11. Thank you everyone for the advice I was able to defeat the final boss Darth Traya. The stim's, verpine shield, knight speed, force immunity, stength-based equipment, and a moderately upgraded lightsabre did the trick. I didn't think of the strength-based equipment was a big deal but it was the edge I needed. The ending was a vague and lacked. I surpose that this is a good thing because the ending was probably writen that way so a sequel could be done. I have a few questions about the stuff the Kreia said. What did she mean when she said that by stiking her down or killing her that it rew
  12. Every other boss was very easy with just using force powers. I tried a melee attack with shields, force powers, and force enchancing equipment. My character either misses completely or does very little damage to Darth Traya. I was thinking about upgrades but I think it is a little to late for upgrades now.
  13. I am new to this forum stuff so if I make a mistake or do something that I was not surpose to do please point it out so I know in the future. Okay. I have read many guides and look through several forum topics for possible solutions but nothing I found helped. I had no problems throughout the game as LSer guardian(15) and became a Jedi master(10). I use Force wave and Stasis field as my offensive Strategy for most of the game. When I try this on the final boss I get my butt kicked. I tried mines, different force powers, hit and run, and traditional lightsaber fighting and I always
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