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  1. bastila isn't part of the jedi order... she is doing what Revan told her and is most likly thought of to be dead... as for people like Jolie he has probably died of old age by now... but what about the cat chick and revan and deciple and exile and atton and the blind chick and the handmaiden and atris and master vrook and master vandar and master kavar and master etc......
  2. becuase kavar was sent there... you went aginst the wishes of the council and left... but Kavar was your master and he was the coolest to you... but he should have stuck up for you when the others didn't.... what i punk i thought msters were supost to love there paddiwans...
  3. GOTO is not a man.... it really is just that droid... it kind of hints this becuase he was jelous of the other little driod... why would he care if he was a human.. don't you think a human would have better things to do... GOTO also looks alot like the droid used to intarigate Princess Leia in "A New Hope"...... but any way yeah for a man GOTO sure acts just like a droid to me... as for the Telos fuel.... i have only been able to get the hutt to promiss that he would deliver it but it never really gets there.... i think u might have to talk to the docks officer guy...
  4. well i am back i would like to keep this topic up as long as i can... so here it is the zombi corps you all feard i was having some somputer trobels and i fell aways from the kotor path for a while and was playing other games but now i'm back fellas and i hope you still are too. i need some time to think of more jokes for this topic but i'm sure some will come to me i got a preaty good sence of humor.
  5. there the same thing the band use the name because they were all heroin adicts... extream happyness lol
  6. goto's a droid , and in Tsl ,he was a new droid so he's barely a month old. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i'm talking about goto the person...
  7. my exile would dominate my revan if i beat teh game with both of them then fought each other.... my exile at the end was killing strom beasts with one hit and sith mardueras with like 2 hits... crazy crap that was.... i beat sion with like 3 hits and he would heal agine..... hahaha it took me fore ever to kill malak with revan but i had some bad ace robes at the end of the game.... revans robes or the cool light side ones... i can't remeber what they were called....
  8. rub is off untill i couldn't feel my hands.... then probably take a bubble bath and rub some more... then i would go out and get laid or something but it would be kinda strange having sex with a guy and you we a guy yesturday...... yeah it would be i fun horny expreience.... breakin it to my parents would be a litte hard however....
  9. ok ok you guys have to take into consideration that if the manalorian wars ended 5 years before the first game then the 2nd game was 5 years after that thats 10 years after the war.... and i'm guessing that they went to war at a preaty old age being as they were both generals so they at least had to be about 20 before the wars and now there both probably around 30 or older.... handmaden is porbably 19 wow hotty mira probably about 27 visas is like 22 Kreia is got to be 59 to 60 atton is probably 29 maybe older bao dor has got to be about 30 too Mandalor is in his 40's maybe 50's T3 is
  10. i have gotten a crap load of the robes on that list here they are: Baran Do Novice Robe Baran Do Sage Robe Dark Jedi Knight Robe Dark Jedi Master Robe Dark Jedi Robe Dark Padawan Robe Gray Jedi Robe Handmaiden's Robe Jedi Knight Robe Jedi Master Robe Ossus Keeper Robe Padawan Robe
  11. from now on revan is a man and so is exile... end of story there..... the game is based around revan being male and exile being male.... and they arnt brothers becuase why would the exile serve under his brother..... and why would Revan be chillin with Malak all the time if he had a more powerfull bro.... come on thjink about it man... he would have taken the exile with him to the star fordge not malak... btw how did malak lose his jaw like that....?
  12. revan and the exile ante related... no way..... and Malak wasn't Revans padawan but when they went sith he became his aprentis only because he was the stronger one and would have kicked thous jedis a** had Malak not turned on his masters ship... that would have acually been a really good movie... when they board revans flag ship if they showed revan slaughtering the jedi but only spareing bastila...
  13. Me i personally think that they need to bring korriban and dantooine back into the picture.. maybe tatoonie or mannan too.... also they need Anderon and Maybe some more core worlds... being as that evey planet in both kotors is on or in the outer rim... i'm beinging to think that there is no iner rim there all outer... hahaha
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