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  1. So yours also has a total of about 40 level ups and is only at level 23.
  2. Alright I jedified Handmaiden and had her leveled up to level 23 then I got the option to redo her convo to convert her into a jedi which i did. After the convo, Handmaiden was a level 6 jedi guardian with all the previous level ups and another 17 levels to level up. Right now she has about 518 vitality points and a whole bunch of feats and force powers, has this happened to anybody else.
  3. Neither do I,wouldnt the new Council need Strong Jedi to rebuild, Revan isnt anything Strange,he's pretty much the whole savior dude,the exile i could understand,since her unique ability could lead to more sith or some kind of problem. but mostly I dont believe either has to die if theyre ls.
  4. When you are in Peragus, and you view the holo,the guy says that three bodies were recovered with the ship along with the droids. So thats Kreia,U,and the dead body. Any ideas who that third body is?
  5. Im lookin forward to that Xard since I dont understand why a ls Revan would have to die.
  6. That would be a nice addition,it be really cool to have a custome hilt.
  7. Look at the Revan vs Sidious topic,a book has been made noting it.Sidious is the strongest sith.
  8. Exile is not greater than Revan. Kun being the strongest sith no that would be Sidious.
  9. Revan was cunning but naive,you're a sith and you're not expecting your apprentice to betray you? Come on thats just dumb, Sidious for the most part kept that in mind,until Vader tossed him over. But seriously if we're talking sith,Sidious is stronger its canon get over it. If ur talking ls revan well theres no way to prove that and that be mere opinion. Canon is canon whether we like it or not and its whats gonna stand unless some future change comes.Just like the gender issues that have arisen,canon is canon.
  10. Well we do know that Revan is a lsm lol, but yeah I get the point that Sidious is the strongest Sith,therefore stronger than ds revan and I wont comment on ls revan since theres no comparison with that.
  11. I know that Eu Luke with his abilities seems to be able to take out everything,but Im mostly talking about darkside Sidious vs. Revan lightside. Canon is canon and Im not one to argue with that,but this only includes the sith and since there seems to be no comparison between ls Revan and Ds Revan who knows?
  12. I agree that Sidious is a stronger Sith, force user who knows,but telling ppl not to deny canon,good luck with that just see the arguing that has occured with the canonization of Revan and Exile lol.
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