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  1. Is stealth mode pretty much useless? Or would it be possible to actually play much of the game without fighting anything, using stealth to sneak on past everyone? I wonder what percentage of the fights you would still be forced to do, or whether this could even be done at all. If you weren't fighting anyone, you would gain very few levels, gaining only the experience you get from completing quests and opening locked doors using security skill and such. I wonder what would happen as you neared the end of the game and were very low level, could you even complete the game? I'm pretty s
  2. I finished all 4 of the planets, found all the jedi masters I assume, now there is nothing left for me to do. The order I did them in, Dantooine, Onderon, nar shadda, Korriban. I've already gone back to onderon and done the whole palace thing. Now unable to go back to onderon. After korriban, there is nothing left to do. I completed the sith academy and the cave, and according to the walkthroughs, I am supposed to get some message saying I should go to dantooine and meet with whoever. But I never get that message, and if I go to dantooine, there is no one there waiting for me, just th
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