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  1. I have a problem. After talking to the handmaiden, I get morphed to telos. But, there is no one there! I run around looking for everything and still NOTHING! All of these bugs is taking the fun out of KOTOR2. PLEASE HELLPPPP!
  2. You have an ATI card, don't you? My PC spun in circles, as well as transporting himself. If you do (or have an onboard ATI chip) find the thread in this forum that specifically tells you about a line to put into Kotor2.ini. It will make you much happier. BTW, strange things happened on Dantooine in Kotor 1 too. Thanks for the help! It works much better now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  3. I promise you dude. I do not know what you guys are talking about. Everytime I end I am at level 25 or 26 and i was all of the lower three jedi classes.
  4. I have played KOTOR 2 three times and I never had the chance to become a higher class of jedi either dark or light. I am trying to figure it out. Then again I have never played a game with so much bugs and holes in it. Please help!
  5. AS soon as I get of the Ebon Hawk, and I begin to walk to the "offices" the screen seems to freeze. Then next thing you know I am on the other side of the map! It only happens in the landing pad screen and right after I get out of the cave. It's like it skips and lags. I am getting very frustrated with all of the bugs I am finding in this game and it is ruining my perceptions of this game. What happened? KOTOR was so awesome compared to this? HELP!!!! :angry:
  6. Dude, I run a ati x800 pci express card and I have two problems. The graphics is fine but problem #1 is that as I start new maps, I have to manually adjust the brightness because it is so dark! Problem #2 is that as I end the game, my screen is WAY bright and I have to log off and log on so that my computer resets itself. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Thanks!
  7. Dude I had that problem and I found that you should not freely give up your weapons the first time you meet the Handmaidens. Instead, ask the "why" question then the cutscene will run properly. Dude, I know your pain, I was stuck for a hour due tothis damn bug. Now, I am on Dantoiene and there are even more bugs. For some reason, my screen jumps ahead and then causes my character to freeze. It sucks! I hate all of these bugs! ANyway... goodluck!
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