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  1. I loved the KOTOR 1 story also i enjoyed it more because it did not had such nasty bugs as KOTOR2 Especially I loved the scene were the Player learns the he is Darth Revan What a great suprise for a game scenario!!!! It was so Cool!! While the story of KOTOR2 is a rushed release just to sell in stores I will never forget when the Ebon Hawk crash into Malachors mountains and at the end of the game after defeating Darth Trya the Ebon Hawk is Fully repaired by a miracle!! And then GAME OVER <_< Kotor2 story was a unfinished unpolished rashed sh*t
  2. Revan and Nihilus are my favourite I love the mystery and their mysterious dark powers
  4. I hate MTV. I've hated it since it stopped being about music videos and became a channel about nothing... absolutely nothing. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not exactly true It may not be about Great Music anymore but it's about Beauties shaking their A$$ and supposedly have some singing talents <_< Britney Spears has such a nice voice that's why they prized her for beeing the best pop singer....*cough* *cough* "SEX" and "Beauties" (according of course to what most people believe it's beautifull) sells and that is what MTV is counting for Singing and Great music
  5. I care too but i did not find Kotor 1 and 2 bad from the graphics view Kotor2 was a little out of date from graphics (Mainly because of Obsidians bad choice of some textures) but was not ugly
  6. Well yes i agree in that too i know too many people (Especially in Europe and USA) with high self Esteem about what the other think about them and about their looks etc And they are PLENTY !!! Unfortunately these is a part in the Human Nature and of our times (and becomes worse with the years passing) Humans Thinking of themselves Beautifull, Lovable and special Men thinking of beeing Brad Pit or Superman and that everyone admires them or women thinking themselves as Top Models and beeing genious like Ainstain and everyone admires them The funny part is that even if these
  7. Love and Manipulation is the same thing for Kreia She does not truly love Exile And does not know what true love is She loves him as a "valuable Thing" and not as a living person He is pricelless for her to fulfill her interests and to influence him to score for her own agenda He is the TRUE last of the Jedi and the last connection to bring balance to the force to a destroyed universe from the previous wars with Malak, Reavn, Mandalorians
  8. 1) 2) Malak was a older member of the Jedi order from The Exile according one of the sequences of the game So he was probably more powerfull Force user and a higher rank from the Exile During the Mandalorian wars Malak with Revan were the leaders of the Republic Fleet that attack the Mandalorians and conviced his less fellow jedi (and the Exile with others) to attack the Mandalorians If Malak was more powerfull and a older higher ranked jedi\Sith from the Exile (i already say what he does at the endof Kotor2) according the story and if Malak still lived
  9. Kreia loved the Exile because (s)he had the power to bring the end of the force That is all... Malak was just an overgrown bully... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A Sith that loves?? From when a user of a Dark side knows what love is She\he betrays him and hides in Malachor 5 knowing that he will come for her while Darth Sion would be there to kick his a$$ And even if Darth Sion does not succeed he will use him as her new apprentice or else destroy him There is no love she\he just try to manipulate matters and she FAILS at the end
  10. The Exile won Darth Traya Traya tried to manipulate him and did not succeed but at the end he wins her and decide his fate didn't' he?? Who says that Malak could not do the same...
  11. manipulates those around her; betraying them as and when it suits her acording to her agenda. Malak was not subtle, he just burnt Revan as all Sith do their masters as part of their normal rite of passage (or die trying). She also betrayed Jedi and Sith before during and after the Mandalorian Wars, and she was herself betrayed (which seemed to be significant to the whole "Queen of Betrayal" growth) -- including Revan. Malak was just a garden variety psychopath. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Totally agree with metadigital.Malak got nothing special,despite the fact he has no j
  12. The Assasin is NOT an all around character you are making a mistake His best chances of making bigger damage to the enemy is with stealth and not with swordfighting and force powers
  13. SITH LORD He has the best force powers but he prefers do not use the sword so much (like Darth Sidious) Marauder is the best swordfighter but his force powers are less...
  14. Play both good and evil I do not care what to play first
  15. As i voted What a silly idea and a really stupid thread "
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