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  1. Like I said before restart and restart with Joran and u'll find it.
  2. I got the cyan from Joran once(after re loading the game about 10 times) but never the bronze and I played the game about 6 or 7 times now
  3. This may be a verry verry dumb and stupid question but how do u install this attachement :">
  4. Its the Raven Claw actually. Its not a bad idear but like u said the party switching would cause some problems, unless they intend to make ktor3 with only 2 characters
  5. Im right about where I ask him to teach me to kill Jedi but I can't get that part.
  6. I rebuilt him if thats what u mean, and I had him in my party for more than 3 planets.
  7. I would like the PC to still have the EH as his main transport but there should be some missions where he could stand on the bridge of a capital vesel or fly a fighter. Great idear man
  8. I have this "thing" in my inventory but I don't get any dialogue options with HK about "puting it in", did I miss something?
  9. When I had control of B4D4 I made a little site seeing around the station and when he interacts with the information droid from the doks he says the he should take credits, for what I didn't get it, and that he should transfer those credits to him or Chzerka. Is it possible to get your hands on those credits.
  10. They already did it and guess what (w00t) IT WORKS (w00t)
  11. Sinece I havent seen many posts about this I was hoping it would be a new find. Anyway for those of u who dont know what it is u just need some intteligence, 14 in my case, when u ask Kreai about Jedi/Sith and she'll give u this movie with her on Malachor beeing attaked by Sion and Nihilus. This movie was also in the review of kotor2 on ign
  12. Aurora, is there any chance that we might have this mod for download before the end of June?
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