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  1. Just a correction it was NOT Fileplanet that was doing the above but FileFront, I repeat Filefront.
  2. Since the hardware crash at LucasForums we lost a few threads so I had to repost the USM thread. At the bottom of the of the first post you can find the latest updates. but just icase I'll post them here as well. Update 1:Download This .rar contains updated dialogs for ba_build.dlg, baodur.dlg, visasmarr.dlg. Minor bug fixes in all three files but you should still download and install. Update 2: Download This zip contains the most recent patch to the USM loot script, this should also be installed.
  3. a few of the lines require custom VO that was made Cut from the games VO, so to install the sound what you need to do is copy the "StreamVoice" folder and paste it into your main SKotOR2 directory default is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2 allow it to overwrite and your done, as stated in another post in this thread there is no need to worrie about the sound from USM actually overwriting the game sounds its just the folders that get overwriten.
  4. Ok, with that little nudge I'll pipe in. I'm not really one for self premotion and I always first and foremost mod for myself, though I do like to hear that people enjoy the mods I make. We all like to be appreciated. :)But don't look for pearls of wisdom in my words, I'm just a guy that likes to learn something new and to overcome a challenge. The most difficult part of making this mod for me was scripting the Sabers into the game. I am not a programmer, (Before USM I knew the very basics of scripting for KotOR/TSL) nor do I really have ANY inclination to focus on that side of modding, Personally I find it incredibly frustrating and quite boring . But I dislike not being able to do things for myself so I took the opportunity to learn what I needed to learn. Darth333 helped me get started on it by working out the first scene where I had to replace sabers, and I took what she showed me and set about appllying it to the rest of the game. In the end though I was pleased with what we accomplished. I don't know that there were really any firm boundries in our way, I and the rest of the USM team pretty much knew the amount of work and what could and could not be done, But we didn't really understand the amount of time it would take. I think probably the biggest boundry was just coordinating and getting online together. This problem did also delay the mod a couple times, But I think that was a good thing it gaves us all sometime to catch our breath. By KotOR/TSL modding stand point I suppose 5 modders working together was a large modding team, though I don't think any of us really saw it that way. Well maybe the others did, But I just thought of it as a group of friends pooling there skills and work into a single mod. There were several things that I wanted to do with the trainable jedi, but with only being able to work with what was in TSL(NPC VO) I did the best I could. There were also a few scripting aspects I couldn't figure out and chose to drop the ideas and just focus on what what needed to be done. Sure. It was the largest scale mod I have been involved in and I had alot of fun with it. Everyone involved got along pretty well. On a personal note I suppose the art side of modding in general is the most difficult part for me, I have always had the desire, but never the skill or talent. Last year if someone told me that I would be able to build a model and skin it from scratch I probably wouldn't have believed them, My first mod (which was for KotOR) consisted of recoloring the games textures. I really had very little understanding of how to use a paint program, and I had no idea what an Alpha channel was To anyone that is interested in modding don't be discouraged or say to yourself "naw I can't mod" , aslong as your willing to read, and learn you can make a mod. best way to start is to start small and to keep working at it, eventually what was once difficult will become second nature.
  5. Oh I neglected to mention that you have to complete the Lightsaber quest before the option will be available in Visas dialog. After you complete that quest this line is what will lead to her saber creation. I have also been made aware of a slight bug that prevents her from building a saber if you let her choose the color crystal.(in my game its not a problem but I have gotten 1 report that it didn't work) I have made a fix and will release it this weekend in a patch for the mod which will include the few bug fixes which can be found at the end of the first post in our release thread at Holowan labs. link can be found in the fist post of this thread.
  6. All of the sabers in our mod will not clip anymore than the game sabers and in several cases they will fit better.
  7. You don't have to start a new game but you will miss out on getting a few of the Party npc's sabers, For instance When Kreia joins your party she will have her own lightsaber. If you start after she has joined, you will miss out on that one.
  8. The models most likely will not work on Xbox, that version of the game uses a different model format then the PC version of TSL. Although I have heard of rare occasions when the PC models did work on xbox, But I have to say it won't work.
  9. it really all depends on what you want. To install parts of the mod it will take a little research on your part.
  10. This mod is in no way shape or form endorsed by LucasArts OR Obsidian Entertainment.Use entirely at your own risk. About USM: The main focus of this mod is the 36 New lightsaber hilt models, which have been integrated into TSL. The majority of the lightsaber models also come in 5 color variants. Due to the number of New unique lightsaber models we could not make them be useable in all the colors that the normal game sabers have, but the base colors are available and several of the lightsabers have new unique colors. Screenshots To find out more head on over to Holowan Labs
  11. The floating lightsaber power has already been made by Darth333 and you can get it from PCGM. Also in the mod is a power that will spawn force Zombies , those are the guys that are on the Bridge of the Ravenger. The force replication power is possible to make for TSL and was made for KotOR http://alvin777t.tripod.com/ Force ignight would also be possible. Force Crush mind: How do you crush a mind, do you play mind tricks with your opponent until they snap
  12. Are you refering to (KSE) v3.3.2, I use this editor all the time for both games but mostly TSL now it it works fine. One thing you should do just incase an error occurs is Back up your save games before editing them. But what were you trying to edit in your save game?
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