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  1. Well since the StarViper is produced by MandalMotors which you should see from the link is a Mandalorian manufacturer it might stand to reason that when they went to build it's concept they pulled up the old specs for a Basilisk War Droid and said well this design worked well lets rework it as a fighter craft.
  2. Check your windows settings also when adjusting Virtual Memory. You'll be able to adjust where windows uses that memory for wether for background services or applications. Which ever it is set for switch it. Since your running a laptop your going to have generally more lag and slowness of the game because of the architecture vs a desktop PC. Your laptop is likely not tuned for game playing from the manufacturer which means your likely to experience similiar problems with other heavy 3d games. Also if I recall correctly recomended specs for K2 included a video card with 256MB of video memo
  3. Lord I love Kreia's teachings. She's like an abusive father. You do something right and she abuses you for not doing it better, you do something wrong and you get abused for not doing it right.
  4. Bronze is what the game has labelled for the old heart of the guardian color. It has to be modded to used or cheated for. What does it matter though if it is a modded color or stock color? The topic of the thread relates to your best saber color or your favorite as it has become.
  5. For Stock Game Color's I like to do Purple and Orange Single sabers with either a Veridian double - Prefered or a Silver Double. Beyond that you'll usually see me with my own custom saber color Purple with a Blue glow & a custom hilt. Sometimes I'll play with color's like Chartruse.
  6. Oh wow he sends people to another thread relating to the same topic that right off the bat has screenshots about the topic of this thread. I would call this an efficient use of refering people to another thread. Even if a thread has been done by himself the content of that thread relates to this topic in this thread.
  7. I apologize I was confusing my OS and lumping them all into the same boat there. I forget that Linux has evolved away from what the UNIX based systems were some 15 years ago at times and I treat them the same. However your JRE does interact differently on a Windows platform than it does on a Linux platform. One of the biggest flaws with Java under Windows is that it is as big a memory hog as windows itself is. However the way that a Linux/UNIX platform are setup they are designed from kernel up to rely much more heavily on a script based interaction with the OS. What this means is ye
  8. I am not sure what you are getting at here. How's Java a low-level language? The language is exactly the same on both platforms. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Java was developed directly to fill the Role of C/C++ for Sun microsystems servers with the Sun OS which was a UNIX base. On a UNIX/Linux platform Java interacts directly with the PC as a Low-level programming language like Assembly. This means it works almost directly at assembly level. Java was ported to windows because it took off as a easy to use programming language for web development and server side interaction. Howev
  9. The problem with .NET programming is that if you are focusing on how to learn how to program .NET alot of the fundamentals get passed over for new nifty features. When you teach programming from the core native C++ perspective you are teaching the person everything and not the new and cool features. Anybody learning to program and getting out into the real world with programming skills needs to learn the core fundamentals. These include low level programming languages and there techniques. Languages such as Assembler still have some use in the market however by and far if you learn any
  10. Actually there is a placeable object that has the appearance of an R2 untis head in both K1 & K2. Infact in K1 one of the sidequests includes returning a droid head to the guy who is being held as collaterol for his friends on Kashyykk. This sidequest droid head is this very same R2 unit droid head.
  11. There already is a released Alpha/Beta Demo from a few months back of this mod it can be found at pcgamemods.com here-> http://www.pcgamemods.com/10948/ Of course to those out there who are enjoying being a Troll to this thread. I say cut it out. You've been shot down and proven wrong. Suck it up and accept it.
  12. As you said plus if any body ever payed attentionto a few of the pre-game release interviews alot of the interviews stated in different fashions that they were going for more of a open ended Empire strikes back type of ending. That way it takes into account different endings based on your choices. Much like the beginning of the game does with your perspective on Revan. While there is much debate on the potential of Kotor 3 and who the main character will be. My take is this, I doubt highly they will use Revan as the main character in Kotor 3. They may use the Exile but I find that sl
  13. AAHHH? Darth Nuke, you do know that Mandalorians are classified as Humans in the Star Wars Universe as are the Echani and a few others. If you feel justified to argue this remember that Jango Fett was a Mandalorian. It would be just like saying somebody is a American, Russian, or German on earth. In the Star Wars Universe Humans are known by which planet or colonies they come from. Hence you have Corellians, Echani, Mandalorians, & many others who are Human. Also there isn't any real Mandalorian sector currently since the war with the Republic as has been covered as story plot timelin
  14. Is this a Hk dialogue from K2? If the answer is simple. The new Mandalore is the one that Hk fought with and his one time compatriot handed him his arse. Later they are compatriots again. Mind you HK has many continuity errors in his system probably built in methods of deception.
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