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  1. Just saw My super Ex Girlfreind yesterday it wasn't anything special like, but it's something to pass the time besides, the worlds getting more boring every day........
  2. I havn't really heard of any new game releases apart from rumors about a Destroy All Humans 2 The return of the furons! Still it's only a rumour.I would really like to see a number 2 as i thuroughly enjoyed the first game. Even after completing still enjoyed collecting the dumb humans brain stems.... No offense to the people on the planet today like but still
  3. I enjoy causing trouble at cinemas, very strange you might think. Like when they say your screen number is......You say "what" then they say it agian and you say "what".There are many other ways you can do this of course but thats my favriote and if your lucky you can get them so annoyed that they swear at the top of there voices hilarious. I swear you'll laugh your heads off.
  4. This football season broken leg once and dislocated kneecap once. Kneecap accident: Got up from a bad tackle and looked at leg, and egg shaped thing was sticking out.Walked up to coach said "whats this?" he said "it's nothing." Then he looked again and went "CRAP!!!".Called ambulance and got away and got it popped back in (YUCK) it really hurts!But was out the next day remarkabley! What a stupid day p.sMy team were beaten 3-1
  5. I like spending a few hours on Wilkepedia also if i'm bored.I remeber building model rockets at school, made one, flew it hit a teacher in the head.Got detention for something i couldn't have possibly done!
  6. I have to say there are a few strange saber colurs but i like the original SITH saber. Single red saber. CLASSIC!
  7. I heard about the release. Don't fancy going to see it though.
  8. Recently seen Superman Returns and might go see My Super Ex Girlfreind.... Looks rather funny. Stay alive also looks ok.
  9. Time to hear peoples favriote hobbies.... Mines playing football, rugby, cricket and of course playing and talking about KOTOR .
  10. A bit of KOTOR and sometimes championship manager games.......
  11. I love the critical attack, especially when you master it.
  12. Malak because he might do anything to you.Kill you in your sleep, betrayl the list go's on...........
  13. I't would be cool if you could make your own character instead of selecting an already made character.And also choose what time zone you want your adventure to start at.A very good game aspect!
  14. It's a type of swear word/insult.Think it's someting to do with women.
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