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  1. My vote goes for for Vader. I kinda think he is the most POPULAR character. IMO
  2. Good one! :D And all that shooting was about "We want free food!!!!"
  3. My "XAN" is going to live, while I live! Always! So I use only that name.
  4. DS. I always like "bad" guys more than ''good" ones. Dunno why! :D
  5. Well, video is cool, but music... Khm... I just dont like that kind of music. I think some rock would be better for DS! IMO No offence on those, who like that kind of music!
  6. Healing party members without switching. I mean with med-packs. Also more upgrades for sabers.
  7. Ehh... I anyway always use good old saber. Just like Bao-Dur said: You are not complete without your ligtsaber.
  8. Thanks! Will try! About that twilek i did, but 1st part didn't.
  9. Can lightsaber throw be resisted? 1st time I fought Kreia, i used it till I killed her. I ran a bit, than threw saber, ran, threw and so on. I couldnt beat her in close combat, and she resisted most of my forces. So i killed her with throwing.
  10. I liked GO-TO for only one thing: he was pretty similar to empires interriogation droid! :D
  11. Mandalore: "... and don't die before I say!" One of my favorites! :D
  12. I go for Czerka! Just coz i don't like those snail-like ithorians. They seem wery dumb. (No offence). About khoonda vs. mercs, once i did for khoonda, once for mercs. Don't know wich side i liked better. Vaklu vs. Thalia... well i couldn't figure out how to help Vaklu, so I both times helped Talia... Maybe someone could tell me how to join Vaklu's forces.
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