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  1. KOTO1 for its story and KOTOR 2 for its exstra powers and abilities I think the comment on this being a KOTOR forum is true. Per the survey so far it is pointless to make any other game - Tie Fighter type games not included. But KOTOR is nowhere on the list of what they are working on, its a latter thing to be gotten to when they get around to "having the resources". Star Wars 2007, possibly going to be titled Star Wars Unleashed is not -from what I can tell- going to be a KOTOR, its a first person game. I imagine there is a reason it is getting priority.
  2. have to tried turning off your secound core? this game is too old school for 2 cores. go into task manager and set the games process affinity to only 1 proccessor.
  3. I would check out new drivers for your video card. Not many ppl have your same problem, so it may not be the game all by itself...
  4. Never liked the color enough to try it. lucky me :joy:
  5. Lucas was the creater of SW. It seems to me that when you hand over the stary telling to anyone the cool stuff gets blured. Soon it drawns in many bad ideas. There is a story out there that tells of how Luke turned to the darkside after the last film. That to me is more an effort to keep the story going than it is to make a good story. My point is that it is possible for someone other than Lucas to make a good story in the SW universe. I have seen, read and played some. But I think that Lucas is quite aware that he has his hands on a story that is complete with a start a middle and an end. Trying to keep this going will only harm it. Lets not forget that it is a universe full of there stories to be told. It is my opponion that it is overredundant for the movies to keep the same chars in the starting of the movies that you find at the end just because it is after all an epic. But I do addmit that I fogive him for keeping R2 in there. The Star Wars universe is unique in the world of SF. It is so far ahead of modern day science that it is open to creativity of just about any type (machines and creatures alike) yet it also one of the few stories that opens with "Long, long ago...". I would love to see more movies. But please not of the story already told. Lets just look at one last thing before I end this post. The history of the SW universe is easly desribed as more than 5000 years. Within this, there are thousands of worlds that at any given point in time that add up to over oh... I would say a few trillion people in the whole universe. Over the course of 5000 years, all these trillions add up. Why stick to the lives of only 20 people? You could have a world of a few billion ppl that gets attacked by a few billion more and have trouble knowing that anything has happend from the other side of the gallaxy, and that is not including the robots. Get the point? So sure, lets have some new movies. But let Lucas have his victory and let the old heros step down from the spotlight.
  6. It has been some time. I have been away and only just now come back to see all the additions that followed my post. Please understand that it was never my intention to start a topic on the religion of Scientology or to chalange the E=MC2 formula. I came across the idea if Flows, Despersals and Ridges as a simple explenation of how energy and mass could be thought of. If you can find any form of matter or energy that is not able to be described by these 3 catagories then let me know. That matter is only a from of energy is a fact, not theory. The explenation I gave is a theory on why this is. The lightsaber has inspired alot of people. It is a SF device that has gotten an amazing responce. Yet it is nothing more than some ones dream. It has always been the dreamer that pointed the way for science, not the other way around. This may bring a point of contention, but I ask you to look at it from the stand point of how it could be until you feel you undestand it, then chalange it. It is only funny that if something should be worked out that is not deamed it may not get recognition and will go nowhere until it does. Lets not forget that we are living the dreams of many SF thinkers right now. The things that have been in SF may have been far from anything that we could ever do. But they have been sitting there like a beacon pointing the way for science. The mechanics of a lightsaber aside, the phenomenon is not impossible. A beam of energy that is intense enough to resist most anything from passing thru it is within the laws of possiblility. That is could be "firey" enough to "cut" things is not ether. Yet that it can be tamed by a small handheld wand is something yet to be bridged with what is known today. The SF that seems so strange and out of reach is becoming possible. Force fields really are possible. Why they are in many ways like the stuff you can find in some SF..., I will leave to you. NASA has a prototype antigravity device that last I heard could remove 5% of the 75lb test weight that was used to test it. And even death rays with a ionized beam are possible that look just like what you see in the movies. And ion engines on space craft are already in use! I however am still waiting for the flying cars. A model of whitch, with 4 fans where the tires would be, is going on sale in 2009.
  7. I like the use of force powers :D so I aways put more in Wisdom. But in both K1 and K2 they have benefits that, if helpfull to the way you play, make them worth it. Even the use of force powers is benefited in defence and offence by both.
  8. LucasArts is not showing any concern for KotOR. Their really into BF. It would appear that it is their cash cow. (w00t) I tend to think that KotOR came from a bit of a dead spot in the LocusArts histery and besides the fact that they wanted a game while the movies where creating a roar, the story was not their idea. After all, 4000 years before the stuff they have their attention on, atleast with regard to the story? I think KotOR 3 will come in mutch the same way the first did. When they want to get their hands on more money, due to old ideas dring up, and decide to dig it back up. A look at the company tells me it is only a few years away. It will come in about 2 or 3 years.
  9. Make sure you play thru the game. The story will run you headlong into sith on Duxon, you can't miss them. But for fun I like to wander anound the Mandelorian camp after I get back from Onderon in search of sith assassins, I found there are a few still hidden. They won't come out until you attack them, or someone gets too close. There are a few things that will become avalible to you only after you have been there in the form of loot. They have been mentioned already in this thred. But these things are cheesy and nothing special. Still if you want to go for it ... The first is a room in back of the place you orignaly found Mandelor. He stops you when you first arrive but not when he is apart of your party. If you can't wait the steath skill will get you past him. The other is another weapons stash. You can get explosives from Koribaan or Dantooine that will open it.
  10. This is a funny one. I have looked into the Mass Shadow Generater to try and understand what it was. It seems to work with gravity. Beyond this simple statement I could find no other refence to explain it. Whoever it was that dreamped up this thing should say more about it. We would all like to know.
  11. I think this is one of those things that got mist. I saw a post that tried to explaine how Mira and Mandelore, not talking was something that was intentional. The truth be told I think that this game was a creation and its content was created by someone. And that there was no conversations between them simply because they forgot to creat them. You made a good observation.
  12. The world of computers is moving along and it seems to me you know yours is out of date. You will solve this problem only to get new ones with any newer games. The Geforce2 is old... and the MX is the lesser model.... Its a wounder it runs so well. Plz consider upgrading. As with every new computer I have ever known you get into a frame of mind of thinking it is fine... runs great... and it dose. But when there is a big upgrade like the one you need, it is a great expirance to get your hands on new tech. Also when it comes to games you will often see big improvments. 7 years is a good age to say that a computer is out of date to the point that it will likey fail you in preforming modern programs. In other words you should have it changed before then, like 5 is good enough, you now need a new one. But plz note, the date of the computer I am refering to here is not "when I bought it", its when it was realeased to the world. The Geforce2 is about 7 or 8 years old. What about the rest of your computer?
  13. I tried the melee skills on a consular and found it works. I had to us the force powers that boost melee skills but it works. The only thing I could never do with is was to win against all the Mandelorians in the Battle Circle. The consular seemed to fall far short no matter what I tried- unless I cheated. He has his hands tired when he can't use force powers. Have any of you ever gotten your consulars thru the this melee challange?
  14. I was looking at the Mass Effect demo reel for E3 06 and thought is was cool. The whole thing with text and sound in KotOR and KotOR 2 is fine but the they seem to have cut out the text in Mass Effect and it looks to all be in english. Even better you don't have to read thru every sentence of the replies to answer as they are summerizied when you choose them. The effect of the conversations is much better to look at and I think it will catch on. It is my guess that the alien speech was in fact a way to not put it in an english voice and save time. I kind of get borded hearing the same exact sounds in every char. Perhaps its just me that has a memory that so cleary says that this has been herd b4 by a char that said something elss entirely. It is my hope that in future games they will not need to solve this issue because they will use something that looks more natual than reading your way thru a live conversation when you are looking at the other person - or alien.
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