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  1. Thats true, and I also did not know there was a new world of darness either...I'm a total noob to the scene and was only hoping to get some info before I spent money on books and what not. Thanx for all the info though...I have a feeling my WoD campaign is gonna be prety cool =)
  2. Try using a vorpal dice, that designated what part of the body you hit.
  3. Edit: Onee thing about the old books worth mentioning is that they were never really intended to be played in a cross-setting. The powerlevels are extremely fluctuating (where mages can beat up on anyone), but more than that the settings are contradicting eachother a lot. (Except Wraith and to a degree Changeling, although those aren't very compatible with any other game anyway). For instance, each of the games has this larger than life organisation that secretly rules the world (Camarilla, Technoracy, Pentex Corporation) and having three such distinct powerplayers just feels implausible. These are issues that have been fixed in the new WoD, so no matter what people may think of it, it is much more suitable for mixed parties. wow...great description, I have researched morei into vampire: the requiem and I would also like to know more about the new WoD...would anyone happen to have a suggestion about which is the best or... "most fun" setting...and so even tho the settings dont cross paths with one another, u still use the WoD book for all of them, as well as the other WoD supplements?
  4. What about those other games by White wolf, Like the Werewolf and Mummy games and what not...?
  5. Lol, thats what got me into the whole game in the first place...awesome game =)
  6. Is anyone into Vampire The Masquerade? If so, can anyone point a newbie to the game in a direction where I can get more instruction about the game?
  7. CREEPY STORY...few years ago,a mother and father decided they needed a break,so they wanted to head out for a night on the town. So they called their most trusted babysitter. When the babysitter arrived,the two children were already fast asleep in bed. So the babysitter just got to sit around and make sure everything was okay with the children. Later at night,the babysitter got bored and went to watch tv but she couldn't watch it downstairs because they didnt have cable downstairs (the parents didn't want the children watching too much garbage). So she called them and asked them if she could watch cable in the parents' room. Of course the parents said it was ok, but the babysitter had one final request. She asked if she could cover up the clown satue in their bedroom with a blanket or cloth,because it made her nervous. The phoneline was silent for a moment, (and the father who was talking to the babysitter at the time) said....take the children and get out of the house.... we'll call the police...we don't have a clown statue... the children and the babysitter got murdered by the clown. It turned out to be that the clown was a killer that escaped from jail. If u don't repost this within 5 minutes the clown will be standing next to your bed at 3:00 am with a knife in his hand. There i said it so the evil clown won't kill me.
  8. first of all, Lopak Slusk was a Quarren, and second of all its Twi'lek, third of all....duros is a terrible name
  9. Yes, but Revan was able to GIVE HK a personality of sorts, and the exile was able to by means of T3 regain connection to the force.
  10. I see, but what I also thought was interesting about revan is how she even influenced the droids to her side.
  11. u mean, that when ur LS and u kill the masters, u dont siphon the purple force thing from them?
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