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    I like Star Wars ever since my dad got me into it. I like mob movies like The Godfather trilogy, Scarface, Casino, Goodfellas etc...<br /><br />I play football on my schools team and I'm starting linebacker.<br /><br />IMO, Kotor 2 > Kotor 1<br /><br />I'm a big video gamer and have Xbox 360, PS3, and a 2006 Alienware XLS
  1. My Exile is Nancee Jade Shes a hot sexy Lighsided 25 year old Jedi Consular. Her charisma is max teh uber because she can use death feild with -5 force penalty(meaning she gets 5 force poitns for doing it ). I just started her about an hour ago and im alread up to Nar Shadaa, as my third planet ( I hate it with a passion). She llikes to have kinky hot "relatons" with Atton, and one time she got tipsy and got freaky with old crusty skin Bao-Dur. The Disiple is her bitch and worships the ground she walks on. She uses a single green light saber, and one time she stabbed Canderous for saying she had saggy ****. Shes not the bes LS Jedi but she tries. Shes all about having fun.
  2. I was just appealing to the fact that people want that, as it could be a possibility. IMO, I could care less about customizing faces, but making the alignments and genders are what you want.
  3. I see what you saying Architect, but you misunderstood what I said. People want to OVER-customize Revan and Exile and some even want to play as them too. Not gonna happen. If you want to play as Revan go play Kotor I and the same goes for Exile and TSL. What I was getting at was just simply choosing the force allignment and gender is fine. Maybe a face or something, too. I know the Xbox 360 and most PCs out there are above-par for playing a next-gen game and size might not be a problem but its Kotor III and not Kotor SE. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to completely throw away Revan and the Exile, but a few cutscenes would be nice. P.S- the name is the villiage idiot
  4. Well if you made anakin the main villian of Eps I, II, and III and having the age switch in the first movie, it would be pretty decent. I actually liked Episode I, maybe because im a killer Darth Maul fan or maybe because the romace bull**** in Episode 2 maybe me throw up in my mouth. With Anakin's horrible come ons and Padme falling in his arms after 2 seconds I thought I was watching daytime soaps but the guy has a jew curl and a light saber. Episode III was ok, the only parts worth watching were the lightsaber battles, and thats because everything else sucked. Obi-Wan vs. Greivus was awesome and Obi-Wan and Anakin's master versus apprentice battle was the only reason people were still sitting in the theater. And the ending to Ep. III with Vader and his man cry made people cover there ears and close there eyes yelling " I'm not listening"! I was introduced to Star Wars by my father when I was 7 and I loved it. It was that whole "a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..." and thats what made everyone like it. It was something different and the PT gave everyone dentures and made em all deaf all the cringing and crappy dialouge.
  5. Malacore 5- PROS *Sith acadamey was pretty decent and the different units of Dark Jedi made it interesting *Loved the whole screwing with Sion's head thing (I was DS so it was fun) *The encounter with Traya was decent CONS *The outer area of malacore was a waste of time *The remote was pretty gay and I had to reload a save and kill every single enemy so the remote won't die *The "to be continued" ending was retarted, and it wasn't like it left you wanting more but more like "was that all?" Star Forge- PROS *Loved the whole 'space fortess' theme *The cutscenes kept your attention and pushed you motivation to get to the end *Although fighting Malak was 10 times easier than Traya, it was more fun fighting over the dead Jedi's for heals CONS *Copy off of Death Star (even though I could care less, people this its bad so i'll but it here) *Sith just keep coming and I didnt have time to heal or any breaks (even to get the robes) *Hated the two battles before Malak, the first (if you wen DS and had Bastila) you fought a bunch of pushover Sith wannabes and the droid killing was stupid. But if you went LS fight Bastila made up for killing the retarted droids. IMO, Star Forge wins this bout, waiting for the TSLRP, but untill then Malacore will have to wait.
  6. I understand perfectly what you mean SilentScope, and I totally agree with you, but that is what I meant. Everyone wants to customize they're very own Revans and Exiles to the tee with look customizations and gender and what-not but thats just stupid. Like you said, simply saying if Revan was simply DS or LS and Male or Female and vise-versa with the Exile is perfectly fine. Other than that there really isn't much to say. People can continue to say what they want in Kotor 3 and make their story plots and that perfectly fine, because that what this thread is for; but once again theres only so much you can put into a game and theres going to be only one Kotor 3.
  7. Sorry for my horrible grammar Purgatorio But what I meant was that everyone wants to have the ability to customize Revan and Exile to the way they had them if the previous Kotors and you cant do that. It'll be way to much. So, they start from scratch with a new story (use you're imagination I'm sure you can do it) and have little snips here and there of information fill the hole of the time gap between TSL and Kotor 3. I was just spit-balling it when I mentioned 2 to 5 years in between 2 and 3. I wouldn't have the closest idea of what the amount of time in the gap would be because that depends on the plot of the game, right? All I'm doing is just showing from a some what realistic view of the bare idea of what Kotor 3 should have. I'm too lazy to edit my last post so you'll just have to let you eyes melt when passing through this thread
  8. Whos YOUR favorite goody two-shoes Jedi from SW? Let it be from the movies or Kotor you get to choose and post an opinion with your vote. In the Movies: I'd have to go with Ben Kenobi(OT). His dry jokes and his knowledge of the force make him a funny but powerful Jedi. Even though he pretty much gives up to Vader, he did it so it could make Luke stronger (the Knowledge) and he pretty much knew that he was going to become one with the force. In Kotor: I'd go with Vandar just cause hes a little brown yoda
  9. we cant have anything to do with the exile or revan, sry guys but it takes up too much time and space to decide the looks gender and force shift of revan or exile if you want to have decent playtime and nice cinematics. for a good kotor 3 i say it starts with a new pc and 2 to 5 years after the events of TSL. thats the best idea if you want to stay as far away from game canon and waste of tiem deciding if revan was female or not. even tho its always great to make nice choices and i wouldn't mind chooseing the paths of revan and exile but think aboutit for mthe view of those wh oare gonan make the game, they'd have to make cutscenes and dialouges for each combination of set ups for revan and exile and with all the new stuf the'd be putting in ( assuming itll be for xbox 360) theyll be making a 4 disc box set for kotor 3. hope i cleared some things up for you guys. cross the fingers for kotor 3 2008
  10. Wow its really been a long time since I visited these forums :0 Looks like Darth Maul has a lot of fans out there, looks like old static breath wins for now :D
  11. Well the choices I placed on the pool were only from the movies and KOTOR
  12. Yea, little cuts here and there in K1 like the Sleheyron planet whould have been a runover but still whoud have been nice, and when you were playing k1 it didnt feel like you were missing chunkcs of the game, and it ended pretty short handed, like in K2
  13. Well OT is winning, but now as more and more people are posting the reasons why OT is better and why PT is better it seems les and less relevant of you age to which trilogy you like more.
  14. Hmm, well so far we've seen that Vader is teh most popular :ph34r: Guess im the only one who likes Darth Maul
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