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  1. I am not here. I am not logged in. I am not posting on these forums. However, a bug just crawled up my butt and I was thinking about TOMBS. I'm curious what the latest iteration of it is. Has anyone expanded on the character traits/attributes? When I spawned this brainchild I offered to host stuff on a webserver. I am still willing to do that. Anyone who wants me to throw TOMBS rules/character/sheets/TOMB specific forums, whatever on the mighty intraweb need only to email me. If someone has some time and some SQL/PHP skills, we could even develop a rather nifty true peer r
  2. I haven't slept. I have to be up for work in 4 hours, and I'm posting here.
  3. Yep, it is impossible to immerse yourself into the role of one character, but it is possible to imagine that you are 6 people who are having a shared out of body experience with poor vision.
  4. On IQ tests they often have logic questions that go something like this: If humanity is part of life on this planet, and all life on this planet came from pond scum, then.... humans came from pond scum! You keep trying to correct me on various issues, and tell me what science teaches, but what you claim actually contradicts what every biology and science text book I've read says. You also don't seem to understand the two types of evolution, the phylogenic tree, or the scientific process. You tell me to lay off the insults, but you interjected initially telling me that I had no
  5. Supposedly an insider swears a female cast member will die by episode 6 for sweeps. Yet the insiders all swore that a major cast member would die before episode 13. They said it at ComiCon, and kept saying last year, and it didn't happen. Boone didn't die until almost the end of the season. So I'm not betting on when the next major cast member bites it. And if I had to kill off any female cast member, I'd kill off Claire or Sun. Personally I don't care for Shannon, but it would seem weird to kill her off after Boone. Sun's story seems largely resolved, and we can still see her
  6. Also stop with the crank, meth and the like. It interferes with a natural sleep cycle. Or alternate wuth downers. Yep, uppers and downers are GREAT together. I'm going to be such a a great parent. Relax. I'm not going to advocate drugs to my kid.
  7. EnderAndrew


    All the blasters from startrek are suicide devices as the energy they'd release vaporising a target twenty feet from the user would asplode, killing everyone. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It is possible to contain and direct energy, hence lasers and the like.
  8. Especially when your hand, and the wound are both covered in salt water. Luckily the salt walter might help fight infection, but falling into the sand and getting thrown into a pit won't help. Unless he gets antibiotics, that wound might be fatal on the island.
  9. That doesn't change the fact that science says humanity originated from pond scum, which you deny while telling me that I don't understand science. Science doesn't seem to agree that any species other than humans is really self aware, and no species has been declared officially sentient, let alone established an advanced cultural civilization. Let me know when we see language, art and the like from primates. Because man had art and language ages and ages ago. Infinite is a hyperbole admittedly but I still stress the difference is light years. On the pscyhology and philosophy side, man
  10. I was somewhat cheating because I believe Darque has been published, but she won't tell us what she has written.
  11. So far the show seems to suggest Walt summoned a bird. Walt also spoke backwards, and spoke though he wasn't there. On the DVD's, Damon pretty much says Walt is psychic. Either they are operating on the basis that psychic talents are a psuedo-science, or they are just flat out entering the realm of the supernatural.
  12. EnderAndrew


    I will not shout Khan at the top of my longs, nor quote Klingon proverbs. I will not derail this thread further. Instead I will ask how many states of matter do you really think there are and should we rethink the way we view states of matter as being fixed?
  13. there really is no point in telling you to stop. you've already made a complete a** of yourself. here is a clue: apes and man evolved from a common ancestor which is now extinct. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not insisting that we evolved from apes. I think the supposition is pretty damned stupid, but plenty of people believe it because they don't understand evolution. I could believe that humans and apes diverged from one parent species except for one simple fact. The traits that are unique to humans are not traits that would develop as a natural course of evolution. They a
  14. EnderAndrew


    I say disrupter technology still beats plasma rifles.
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