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  1. Hey guys, When I start the game the screen goes black however I can hear the sound, what can I do to fix this? using a radeon x800 pro and a P4 3.0 with 512 MB of RAM window XP SP1
  2. i've got a problem, when i start the game it goes in windowed mode, I have to change the resolution ot something else and change it back to what i want to make it go in fullscreen mode, anyway to fix this? THx
  3. Hey guys I just downloaded the patch, UK version 1.0 to 1.0a what does it fix? Thx.
  4. I just finished it and I feel I am missing out soooo much, I didn't convert everyone into a jedi, i didn't finish making the HK I'll play it again once the patch comes out, cuz at some parts i feel some dialouge was missing like the part when i went ot malachor, i didn't really understand what happend. Somthing was dfiniettly missing.
  5. I have already won all hte fights with her, but when i ask her to tell me about atris it says Influence: failure. I am already training her to be a jedi.
  6. hey guys, how do I gain Influence from handmaiden? i've tried almost everything. I try to answer the questions to the best but it won't work, influence won't go up and new converstation wont appear. and how do i see how much influence i have on someone?
  7. really? there is no way to save her? man that sux, i was so looking forward to meeting her.
  8. I am at the sith academy, and i found Lonna Vash, and she's dead, I felt really bad when i saw her. Is there anyway to save her? WHat do I have to do? Thx.
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