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    p.c and xbox games.(KOTOR 1 & 2)(neverwinternights)<br />rollerblading, listening to music.<br />going out with friends.<br />going to concerts.<br />going to parties.
  1. BS!in the book it clearly states that sids had called in for Meat droids, and Yoda couldn't hold them and Sids off at the same time <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Whats to say he wouldnt call them again and maybe yoda wouldnt be so lucky. (w00t)
  2. Thats strange iv never seen the inside of the Darleks untill this new series but either way im not going to lose any sleep over it. <_<
  3. I love coffee but coffee never used to like me untill I tried "halfcafe coffee" it tasted better and I havnt had any problems since.
  4. I would not call myself a "Doctor who" fan but I did enjoy the original series, but I found the new series a bit flat, there wasnt enough depth to the story. Plus im not sure I wanted to know what was in side a darlek, that spoiled the mystry of the Darleks.
  5. No, yoda was forced to retreat when he was overwhelmed by the sheer power of sidious, If they ever met again yoda would be dead.
  6. Which game do you feel has the best soundtrack for it.
  7. P.S. Aren't there some first person RPGs? That would be like a dream come true... Edit: Woah I must be a slow typer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think someone mentioned in another topic that PNJ could be a first person RPG. so your dream could come true.
  8. My fav type of game would have to be RPG's But I'll try any game as long as it has a good story line with good graphics.
  9. You're Darth Sion! You badass, you. Sleep with vibroblades, or did those scars happen naturally? No, seriously! You've got this awesome bad streak that girls are drawn to, just be careful that your ego doesn't get too inflated and don't depend on your surroundings for survival.
  10. I'd like to see either the Exile or Revan as part of your party later on in the game but have a new Character. I would also like to see more indepth story lines to do with your party members and your character.
  11. Does anyone know if the pc version of either KOTOR 1 or 2 is any different or better than the xbox version. :D
  12. Whatching for the first time the cut scene when you discover that you are Revan in KOTOR.
  13. Playstation and Sony have invested very little into RPG's compared to Xbox and microsoft so I think that it should be with Xbox360 an pc.
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