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  1. But I love the way he stares into my eyes, the way his golden locks fall perfectly into place when he shakes his head. I love his innocent curiousity and his milky white skin. I love the way he smells like lavender. I love how he says "you have left me an opening!" It's our little secret code.
  2. It doesn't surprise me that we, (America) lost since everybody hates us right now.
  3. Disciple seems like he comes from Star Trek.
  4. Didn't Ziost have the castle of the ancient "Dark Lord of the Sith"? I like to visit that no matter what it looks like.
  5. What... you don't like being a Fed-Ex man?
  6. I think you should get your weapon knocked out if you're really getting thrashed. Also, mounts!
  7. I'd like to see Ziost. I'd like to see a more "gothic" style Sith environment, as opposed to the Egyptian style we saw on Korriban. Yes... I'm trying to get my post count up.
  8. I fell for Disciple because it's so obvious that we're supposed to fall for Atton. I deverted.
  9. Oh you mean Wedge and Biggs ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well that, and the entire plot of FFII... and what look to be some very similar elements in FFXII. In fact, you've got the "Evil Empire", Princess Ashe/Leia in the rebellion, young blonde protagonist (Vaan/Luke), scoundrel pilot (Han/Balflear), <his furry sidekick (Chewbacca/Fran). Now they're talking about how Ashe and Vaan will have a different kind of love? Hmm... brother and sister maybe?
  10. As a DSer, you should have been given the option to turn them on each other at a specific moment. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can never play darkside.
  11. I liked the contrast between Disciple's optimism and Atton's fatalism. Sure Disciple is annoying, but Atton can be too.
  12. No... " But seriously, all the times Final Fantasy has stolen from Star Wars... payback's a b*tch!
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