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  1. (quote from GhostOfAnakin) Could make for some interesting dialogue responses though. Alien: "[says a bunch of stuff you can't understand because subtitles are off]" Exile: "Yes, I agree to this deal." Kreia: "You fool! You just sold me to that Jawa!" Hanharr: "Rrrraaaaaarrrgh!!!" T3-M4: "Beep dweet! Dooooooooooooo!" Random Mandalorian girl: "Ki pu na! Bo na na ki chu!" Exile: [facing the computer monitor] "Turn back on those damn subtitles will ya!" (end quote) LOL Hahahahahah that's great
  2. I do despise Malachor. I preferred the Star Forge (and even that I found annoying, what with the endless swarms of Dark Jedi and all...), because at least the Star Forge was: a) Star Warsy, had a real Star Wars feeling about it and fit with the plot a lot better (I know Malachor V fitted as well, but less... The transition is just brutal, they just throw you into half a game at the end of KotOR2). b)Had other Characters from the party and otherwise, a lot of interaction, it felt alive, and the hacking and slashing didn't seem as random and pointless as it did on Malachor. c) Had a
  3. I felt KotOR's story was more involved, I cared a lot more about the characters, and it always went uphill, not downhill. KotOR 2 was great in its own way, but still I thought the plot could get boring at times (it wasn't nearly as exciting and rip-roaring adventure feel as KotOR... KotOR2 felt static also if you know what I mean..), the environments seemed badly made and un-star-warsy (the story also seemed kinda far-fetched, even for Star Wars) to me, and of course the plot had gaps bigger than a fat woman's a... You get the picture. Sure, KotOR2 was complex, blurred the lines between the
  4. Yeah, whatever. I hear that Verhoeven just wanted to ridicule Heinlein's work, above everything else.
  5. No, that's when he realized that the scene in which Denise Richards has her teat massaged had been cut out.
  6. Unimpressive graphics, mild control lag (not as bad as the unpatched version of DX2 though), and the demo map isn't too good either. The game captures the atmosphere of the movie well, so it's not completely worthless. Only a great co-op mode can save this game from mediocrity, I'm afraid.
  7. Man this is totally not what i had in mind when I started the topic.
  8. Huh? Now you can read minds too? Impressive. But be mindful that sniffing glue doesn't give you the same powers as using melange spice. Also: stop spamming my thread.
  9. What about those of us who do know how good we have it? I may be going out on a limb here, but I'd venture to say I've spent more time abroad, and in more places, than anybody else on these boards, oftentimes obliged to pay for it all by my lonesome. I'm as big a fan of irony as anyone else, but it gets tiring to hear that I have no idea what I'm talking about, that I hate America and everyone in it, I'm one step away from a Palestinian suicide bomber, etc. etc. etc. I've played in the sandbox before, but I'm just not one of those guys who waves flags and declares American supremacy all the
  10. In fact the article says that hormones have been proven a health hazard by 40 years of evidence. Pay attention.
  11. The best beef in the world is Argentinian, bar none.
  12. that 1800+ is killing him, his cpu wont be able to carry enough instructions out to keep up with his video card. w/o a doubt, that cpu is bottlenecking his system. i have a 9800 pro 128mb r350 flashed to an XT, and I get like 24fps avg. (using fraps) with everything maxed out (1280x1024 res).
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