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  1. If you join Halbech you get the Rising Star achievment. You have to refuse Leland's offer.
  2. This is one of the odder parts in the game. To get no mercy no compromise, when Shaheed asks you to betray the U.S, say yes. In the next dialogue you can choose, there's an option to execute him. If you choose that you still get the data that exposes Halbech and Alpha Protocol and you get to fight both Leland and Westridge. You don't have to leave Shaheed alive even though there's no indication in the game that you can kill him and still expose the agency. It''s kind of a leap of logic.
  3. I'm talking more about the fact that I can be beating the dude up with my bare hands and then a cutscene kicks in and we're magically on opposite sides of the room, because of "plot." That's a thing I hate about the Marburg fight, you can be kicking his butt and then a cutscene kicks in so you can have your plot relevant conversation, then he dissappears. I lose control of what I want to do for that part for no reason at all. If I beat the guy and have him at my mercy, I should be able to finish the job. He shouldn't magically be out of range where I can't hit him because he likes me and then make good his escape while I'm powerless because of plot reasons, odd ones at that since you can kill him if he doesn't like you. At the end of the fight while he's still dazed or whatever I should get the execute option, and if I don't take it then he runs behind the pillar and all that good stuff.
  4. The Marburg fight is just bad design. You can beat him up face to face and be about to finish him off, then a cutscene kicks in and if he likes you enough he runs away. It really kills the illusion of choice, because you can't choose to finish him, and it has nothing to do with consequences, because what does the guy liking me have to do with me shooting him in the face? If I taunt him and I have the dossier, he should respond. Out of all the boss fights the Marburg only one where you can't always choose to execute the target, which seems very odd to me. The whole thing felt pretty shoddy because for all the hype about choice they sure took it away at a weird spot for no reason at all.
  5. The Marburg boss fight. I'm beating you, now you have no health, time to finish you Ma-cutscene? How did I get all the way across the room? How the heck did you escape, and why couldn't I hit you? I know you have to get Marburg to dislike you to beat him there, but I think it's pretty stupid you can't kill him if he likes you because you get cutscened and screwed over. For a game that talks about choice, they sure like to take it away from you some time for no reason at all. Let's not even get started on the magical "I stealthed all the way through but now I have to fight 30 goons who know where I am because I completed the objective" crap.
  6. only after you get the rich achievement! (LOVE the HMW weapons.) 386 damage for an assault rifle? 287 damage for an assault rifle? Not to mention the insane accuracy ratings. All you really had to do was throw on some frictionless materials and it was too easy. I enjoyed the early game more, having to use tactics, managing my powers, and using cover to survive. Like Kotor, by the time you got to the end, nothing could really stop you. The only reason the endgame offered any challenge at all in Kotor was because of the cheap abilities the bad guys had, infinite respawns for the battling through the star force part, and Darth Malak and his health fill up machines.
  7. http://goallineblitz.com/game/signup.pl?ref=13474564 is my referral link, use it to sign up, and I get flex points, flex points I can use to buy us a team next season.
  8. Link What is Goal Line Blitz? Goal Line Blitz is an online football simulation. You can create your own players or even manage your own team. Getting Started The basic currency of Goal Line Blitz is flex points. You can use your flex points to create players and teams or level up your players. You can get more flex points by referring friends (let's keep referral links out of this thread) and extra flex points are sometimes given out at the end of a season. Since you're not given enough flex points at the start to purchase a team, the first thing you'll want to do is create a player. It costs more flex points to create a popular position player like a quarterback than it does to create a linebacker. Since there are already a lot of popular position players in Goal Line Blitz, your player will likely see more plays and have an easier start if you go with one of the less popular positions. Once you've chosen your position, you'll be able to distribute skill points amongst your player's attributes. This thread gives some advice on distributing your skill points. Leveling up and training can help you boost your skills. Here's what my one player's profile looks like: Once your player has been created, it's time for him to join a team. You can see if you have any contract offers by going to the contract offers section of your player profile. You will automatically receive contract offers from computer teams, although these may take a day or so to show up. Forum Players Forum Name - Game Name - Position Jast Hobbie Kilvian Qb Shamelessly stole this post from another forum, but the game looks interesting. I was wondering if anyone here wanted to play, maybe next season we can get our own team.
  9. Jast

    Game ideas

    In ten years, you can come work for me! Krezack-Jast designs, but waitaminute, shouldn't my name be first? Already trying to take over the company eh, and we're just in the idea stages!
  10. Jast

    Game ideas

    For some reason I think you're being sarcastic...
  11. Jast

    Game ideas

    Maybe starting my own development company isn't such a bad idea. Get some programmers from whatever college I go to, make small games, make bigger ones. It's tough, but every company starts off somewhere. I'll think on it.
  12. Jast

    Game ideas

    Hmm, I probaly put the game down too soon then. Once I get xbox live back I'll give it another try.
  13. Jast

    Game ideas

    It was definitely fun in co-op mode, but after you killed the bosses, what was there to do? There's nothing really on the side, just collecting orbs. I just don't find massive scavenger hunts fun. To each his own though.
  14. Jast

    Game ideas

    I guess I won't be pitching any ideas then. Unless I start my own game company.... A step in the right direction. Just too repetitve.
  15. There hasn't been a game idea thread here in a while. I know a lot of you guys have game ideas. Let's see what we can come up with. An idea that's been in my head for a while: GTA has gotten stale, with the same old mission structure, same old betrayal plot in every game etc. I'm also getting tired of playing as a bad guy. So how about you play as a cop? I know True Crime has tried this, and both were Ok games, but if they truly want to compete with GTA, they need to be deeper. In the game I'm thinking of, let's call it Police Story, you start off as a rookie cop. A good guy. No drinking problems, drug problems, anything like that. Just an idealistic young man. The game begins with you taking an aptitude test, the higher you score the more options are open to you. Score low, you're just a regular patrol officer, score high, major crimes. Unrealistic, but it adds some randomness to the game. You're then thrown into the game world. Now what I'm imagining is that the game uses a skill system like Deus Ex, with stats like pistol, hand to hand, rifles, first aid, driving, stealth, and maybe some other things. The "training" so to speak would be you with a training officer solving some crimes. How you solve the crimes, like by being stealthy, hacking into a computer, or shooting the place up, affects your starting skill levels. Basically, the game watches your actions and reccomends what you should start off with, you can choose differently if you want to. The mission structure in the game isn't linear. You start off with a few contacts in the police force who give you missions, but you don't have to complete them all to advance the story. In fact many missions are just side missions, with their own storylines. Now, there are factions in the police force. Drug Enforcement guys who only care about getting drug busts, vigilantes who to enforce the law their way, people who play it by the book. There are also some corrupt cops you can side with or take down. You can take missions from any of them, and they will come into conflict with other groups, forcing you to take sides. Apart from contacts, you can solve crimes on the street, which also have their own multi part storylines, bringing the crime level or whatever area you're in down. Turn that crime infested ghetto into a nice peacful place. Contact missions are affect crime levels. Every choice in the game matters, who you side with, who you go against, all of that. Save that corrupt cop, and maybe he'll turn from his evil ways and agree to testify. Join the vigilantes and kill criminals, and you'll have some own personal backup. None of the choices are superficial, all affect the story in some way or the other. You don't save a character and he dissappears, there will be reprecussions for every action you take. To make it more interactive there will also be a rpg like dialog system. I don't plan on going into the game industry, so I really don't care if a company steals my idea, in fact I encourage them to. If no one makes a game like this, I guess after I get out of college I'll try to pitch it to a company.
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