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  1. And did anyone ever find out exactly who Mira's father was? Kreia mentions Mira's father when the Exile asks about the future of all his allies. I was never able to pry anything out of Mira about her father, except when she tells the Exile she had a father once already. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I never learned anything about her father, though I did notice this odd word choice. It made me wonder if there are plans for Mira in the future -- you would think so, based on the special treatment her character receives at the end -- or if there was a chunk of her story missing. I d
  2. I had loads of problems on my XBox with this game. My XBox is able to handle other games just fine -- no freezing. But it constantly got stuck with KOTOR2. Sometimes it would even drop my saves. It took me much longer to finish the game as a result. I did not have this problem with KOTOR1.
  3. 1. I played LS female. I liked Carth's confession about how Revan had left 4 years ago, and how he wanted to let her know he was waiting for her. This seemed to me very human, and actually very real -- exactly what would happen if a Revan like character realized there was some greater evil to confront. I'm curious to see how this pans out in KOTOR 3. 2. I actually found the character of Mira to be an interesting twist on the whole Mission Vao thing from KOTOR 1. The characters had things in common, but Mira was a much more tortured person. Her conversion to the Jedi seemed to be all th
  4. 1. You, the exile, are creating a wound in the Force, and therefore the Sith are emanating from you. But at the end of the game, Kreia says that Revan has gone off to confront to true source of the Sith and darkness in the universe. So, are you or are you not creating problems for the galaxy? 2. Kreia says she loves you and would have followed you anywhere, but has to destroy you, and then wants you to destroy her. What exactly does she want? 3. Your team are the "Lost Jedi" whether or not you manage to convert anyone. Well, are the Jedi lost or not? Were those dead M
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but can anyone enlighten me as to what "Force Enlightenment" is other than the ability to run around really fast?
  6. Just wanted to say, I liked the fact that lightsabers were harder to come by in this game. It made it feel like the Jedi were truly special. It got a little bit strange carrying around so many lightsabers in KOTOR1.
  7. Annakie, I completely agreed with you and didn't mind the length of your post since you write well and articulately. I too really miss the character interaction that existed in KOTOR 1. I remember how, when I was nearing the end of the first time I played KOTOR1 through, I just didn't want it to end because I was going to have to say goodbye to the characters! I thought, "What a wierd reaction I'm having -- an emotional connection to video game characters." And yet, they really felt like companions. The characters in KOTOR2 share less personal history, and less with each other and it does
  8. No, you are in good shape. Vrook is inside the Crystal Cave, which is somewhere out on the plains. Run around on the plains till you find the entrance, go inside, kill some monsters and you will find Vrook.
  9. Mira has been captured by Visquis. I woke up in her pad to find the Jedi standing over me, telling me that he is going to go deal with Mira. When I go out to the docks to enter the Jek Jek Tar the way I had earlier in the game, the doors are closed and there is no way in. I'm talking about the two doors not far from Vigo (or Vogo, or whatever the Hutt's name is). Is this a bug? Is there another way in? Please help!
  10. Like most everyone else, I was waiting with bated breath all year to see this game. I even went to the Tokyo video game show, hoping for a glimpse (okay, I went for other reasons too. But hoping to see KOTOR2 was a big part of the trip.) The story-telling hasn't disappointed me at all. I love the new, darker feel. It is eerie to visit the ruins of places that were part of the original game -- it makes this game truly feel like a continuation of the original, while adding to the noir-like feeling of dread in the plot. Very smart, very entertaining. I love the added complexity of the whole
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