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  1. well i was able to complete the fuel quest.
  2. this may sound stupid to some of you but what is the whole HK factory quest/mission thing? i just skimmed through the game twice, as a LS male and a DS female, both times not completely repairing hk-47. do you have to repair him completely before you're given the option to do this mission?
  3. you can finish the fuel quest by talking to the hutt character (forgot his name) on Nar Shadaa prior to going after goto...just select the option that says something about Telos in need of a new fuel source, i was given that playing as a DS female right after i danced for him.
  4. was the sith holocron Bastila? i thought it was the female jedi that you were searching for on korriban.
  5. i called the cusumer services at microsoft for the xbox and they told me that the disc read error problem and the loading freezes is more frequent in the first generation xboxs because with both KOTOR both bioware and obsidian put so much data on the disc and not only that, it is compressed data. all the first generation xbox drive systems have had their share of problems especially with newer games (post 2003). if the devs had opted to make the game a two disc game then there wouldn't be any problems, other than maybe a dirty lens on the drive. but rest assured you can send in your system to get serviced. i'm currently waiting for my xbox to be sent back and hopefully i can enjoy KOTOR 2 minus all the freezing and disc read errors.
  6. I just wish there was a button to put on your hood or remove it
  7. i couldn't get that one open either...all i did was have bao dor override the terminal so it wouldn't blow up, but i was playing DS...don't know if that had much of an affect cuz i killed kiph. hey but at least the otherside had good stuff in it...so far everytime i've gotten a silver crystal from the metal cylinder everytime i played through.
  8. KOTOR2 just lacked story but other than that it was good especially the improved combat and lightsaber upgrades, however, i didn't like the whole random items thing...i just like to know that i have gotten everything, but that did increase the replay value tho...
  9. as a LS two single blades green and blue, as DS just one single red....still trying to get silver tho...
  10. Is anyone having the disc read error occuring when they play, or just trouble loading in general? I think it's because my xbox is old and has trouble reading newer games. If anyone has some tips or anything plz help, otherthan sending my xbox in to get serviced.
  11. Just wanted to know if anyone had any pointers on the best possible way to turn party members into Jedis, or is it based strictley on influence and certain actions. I'm currently on my second play through as a DS female, as for my first time through as a LS male i just rushed through it and didn't even consider teaching them. Also, if anyone had any good suggestions for crystal combinations for someone who just likes to jump into fights and cause massive damage...lol. Thanks for any help!
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