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  1. I know this might be a wierd question, but i wanna know if people think that the force can actually be real. Some wierd things happen to people an i just want to know your opinions. I think it exists sort of.
  2. Our Last Champion Was Silver!!!! Will it win again?? Let's Find Out In The 2nd Annual Favorite LightSaber Color Poll!!!!!!!! For those of you that do not know the rules here they are: When the poll status is opened you may vote, when it is closed that means NO MORE VOTING!!! Poll Status: OPEN Let The Voting Begin!!!!!!
  3. Poll Status: CLOSED! Thank You all for voting on the Annual Favorite Saber Colors Poll! And By Popular Demand The Winner Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Next time i post something is gonna happen :D Poll Status: OPEN
  5. Thank You Everyone!!!!! Poll Status: OPEN Polls are still open if you wanna get that final vote in so hurry it up :D
  6. You can reply if you want to..... Sorry for double post
  7. Whats your favorite color??? Most Favorite color will be posted soon :D Poll Status: OPEN I will be posting a Poll status which means that you may vote while it's open but once it's closed no more voting please. Then i will calculate the results and if there is a tie we will do a tie breaker. Let the Poll BEGIN! P.S- READ EVERY POST MADE BY ME SO YOU KNOW IF THE POLL IS OPEN OR CLOSED! THIS WILL BE AN ANNUAL THING! Maybe once a month or every 2-3 weeks or w/e.
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