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  1. I don't even understand how lucasarts could allow this considering that they had such a close eye on things, giving the big O all kinds of rules and guide lines but then just letting the turn characters into jedi overnight. It doesn't make sense, and in this type of game where continuty and history are so important to the universe and story of starwars as a whole, it just doesn't make sense. It leaves such a gap that it leaves the rest of the story in doubt.
  2. Can anyone explain how it's possible, realistically within the starwars universe, that your party are just able to turn into jedi. as I understand it takes decades of training just to be able to use a light saber so that u don't cut your own limbs off. How does this training your party inti jedi aspect make any sense.
  3. On my first play through I played a more neutral exile, which i think is proubly the most logical approach in terms of how the character would possible be, say in a movie or book. but given that in order to get in the cave on korriban u have to be dark or light, u have to make a choice. And realisicly I just can't see a jedi that has seen what the exile has seen, coming out of exile to be uber light. It just doesn't make sense. What do u guys think about, maybe in kotor 3, Dark revan and Dark exile fighting an even darker sith (true sith). A sort of riddick approach where an evil is used to fight a greater evil.
  4. How do u think these games really end, and what do u think Revan and the exiles true natures are, dark or light. In the starwars EU timeline revan is said to have went the way of the light, but Im not sure I agree. Don't u find the story in kotor 2 just makes more sense as Revan being dark,
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