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  1. San Andreas and KOTOR2 are on my list of 5 best game I've ever played at 1 & 2. I have to pick SA over KOTOR though. Unlike what most of you people are saying SA had a very involving and interesting story. It was like most other GTAs one big satire. The maincharacter had a more realistic personality than any other GTA character before. Claude the main of GTA3 was nothing but a silent errand boy and Vercetti was just shown as an angry man with the only peek into when you brought the printing press. CJ acted more realistically than both. For once the story didn't center around a guy trying to move up in the mafia it centered around someone trying to stay stuck at a spot in life he shouldn't have been in. It focused on the pointless fighting in a satirical way of the plights of many urban minority communities (even though many people playing probaly wouldn't understand). San Andreas did have a good story but I will agree that KOTOR2 had a better one, but the thing that makes SA better to me is the world. Its open and explorable unlike KOTOR2's. I liked 2 better than one storywise and gameplaywise but it felt too confined. Though the first one might have been confined as its predecessor it didn't feel like it. I prefer games that give open explorable worlds. KOTOR2 didn't do that it felt closed, confined, and claustrophobic.
  2. It took so much outta me to edit my last post right. Yeah all 3 of them are signed till 2011 if I'm right. I'm thinking Rasheed Wallace is gone. I've heard Iverson is a free agent is that true?
  3. They've never played in a game 7 have they?? They sure did lose to the Lakers last year didn't they and they weren't all that good. Why is it that if they were so good under pressure it took them 7 years to win 3 titles what happened to the other 4. Yeah thats why they got beat in the regular season and blown out in game 1 before Wade got hurt and face it Shaq's never healthy he's had that foot problem since at least 2001 and was still winning championships just to show that's no excuse as he's still the best center in the NBA. How many other teams made it to the finals + they had a harder path through the playoffs than the Spurs otherwise you'd got me. Oh wait no you don't because if Miami's as good as you claim they would have destroyed the Spurs (which wouldn't have happened) How were they overated they haven't been favored to win a conference title or NBA Title neither of these last two years but they did. I guess the mystique comes from the fact that they can win so much without a superstar and just a team I guess they were bad as in good because out of 30 teams in the NBA they are in the top 2. Though I do think they should have their own nickname instead of Bad Boys 2. I'm glad it was an exciting series though it kinda sucks that Detroit would have broken so many records if they had won but didn't. I hope these teams play again nextyear perhaps make it will turn out like the old Celtics Lakers rivalries. I wonder will happen to Larry Brown? I am kinda surprised Duncan got the MVP but he did have a great game. The Spurs have validated their title. Who does evereybody think will be the big trades next season? Maybe since the Pistons lost overshadowed news of these past few weeks will come out again such as how the factory where Henry Ford started the assembly line and first built his Model T Ford burned down along with the whole city block it was on burned down in Detroit 3 days ago. The fire is still going.
  4. Pistons will break so many records if they win. This series has taken precedent over so much important news in my area. The factory where Henry Ford first started building model burned down and took a whole city block with it but the series has been so intense everybody around here just about forgot. Pistons will win in the fourth quarter it'll turn into a blowout probaly. I just can't believe Big Ben leads the game in scoring right now. If the Pistons win either him or Chauncey will be MVP. If the Spurs win it 'll probaly be Ginobilli, who do you think will be MVP? The series would have went 7 games in Miami if Wade wouldn't have gotten hurt. The Pistons still would've won. Can you use same excuse you used for Miami for the Pacers. If Artest was there I doubt they still would have won. The Spurs aren't injury ridden so when the Pistons win it will prove they are the best in the NBA.
  5. Watch the Pist5ons going to win 2 down. They always start a 7 game series by losing game 5. I'm more comforatable they'll win now than if they won yesterday and lost tommorow.
  6. What's wrong why is there no NBA finals thread. :angry: :angry:
  7. I think the Exile had a more interesting fleshed out story. KOTOR1 though a great game had a story tooone dimensional compared to KOTOR2 Obsidian should do KOTOR3 since they know where to go with it.
  8. I think the Exile had a more interesting fleshed out story. KOTOR1 though a great game had a story tooone dimensional compared to KOTOR2 Obsidian should do KOTOR3 since they know where to go with it.
  9. Their religion was savage but remember the old Spanish motto:god, glory and gold.
  10. I thought that was illegal since the Scopes Monkey Trial back in the 1920s. Private Schools can do that but not public.
  11. These seats of power are all the same to me. As for what is there to compare between these two: Like with the much mourned Soviet Premiere, there will be another Pope along before long, and then all the Catholics around the world can sing songs about how that new guy is better than the last one. Unlike Stalin, Karol Wojtyla may not have killed people with his bare hands (or if he did, it has been well covered up), but you cannot deny that his position as the head of the Roman temple/bank is entirely without blame concerning poverty and political chaos in the third world Catholic states. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its the only stable instituion that tries to counter those blights in most third world nations of latin America and Africa. I can't think of any other religion that consistently does. Maybe Buddists. The thing the pope did wrong I believe was his stance condoms which wasn't helping Aids in Africa. He should have known better being from a third world country himself. If an African becomes the next pope that will probaly change. JP did a lot more than most other world leaders in trying to solve poverty.
  12. That's funny but your reasons for being an atheist are also mine. Besides I can't simply believe in something that wasn't proved for 2000 years. I can believe in WWII, cause we have evidence, but what church teaches may be the same science fiction as jedi religion or dune bene gesserit beliefs. My mind is too serious to give a credit in so important thing as life after death. And yet billions are ready to kill and persecute in the name of their religion although it was never proved that it is more true than other religions (that say virtually same stuff ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There has to be something truth to religion since many of the different religions are so similar. In my opinion people just have different ways of acknowledging it. A person's religion has to do with their lifestyle and what accomadates into it but most have the same morals.
  13. If people don't feel some bad feeling about things that happen that aren't their fault things wouldn't happen in the world. If there is rampant crime in a city and nobody cares because it doesn't concern them it will only get worse. If nobody cares about the enviroment because it "isn't my fault" global warming happens. Somebody gets robbed and shot in front of you would you walk on and not call an ambulance because it isn't your fault? Fish yo people and you are some ignorant mothaf**kas if y'all think like that. Probaly done more with his life than you'll ever do.
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