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  1. after i defeat the red eclipse on the ebon hawk i didn't get the invitation to meet the 2 leader of the exchange can anyone help me.
  2. i think that the ritual was the reason why the settelers decided to finnaly use force against the queen.
  3. vrook is a desgrace to the jedi and still has much to learn including the other masters. is their an option in dialoge to say fear of me can lead to the darkside or somethin like that
  4. if master vander was there he probably wouldn't have tried to kill you.
  5. can you describe how you get it and how kick ass is it or whats special about it
  6. do you only face revan if he was darkside
  7. just so a brawl doesn't happen sometimes the game guide is wrong (you should get a refund) the battlefront guide was screwed up so it's possible that the guide is wrong
  8. sopiler cant beleive artis becomes darth treya and she was the leader of the academy on telos. i think artis was always the dark lord it makes sense because the sith would have bombed that place so she was probably trying to corrupt them. and if you think about it they gave tons of hints the banner on the site and those to fighting eachother representing the inner battle between good and evil it's almost as big as a slap in the face than that revelation movie. this is not as big as the reven thing which didn't surprise me although i might have figu
  9. well if its not uber it's special. you finished your saber on telos thats amazing can you say who you did it
  10. okay i'v been reading around vrook gives you a saber and you build one but artis has your uber saber. know i think that at first she wont give you the saber but mabey if you come back when your at a prestige class or you have a few saber's already cause i remeber a dev saying that your saber quest is optional and that it's worth looking for.
  11. i'm asking who in the game gives your lightsaber back
  12. is the special saber that was taken from you before you were exiled given to you by vrook or do you get it from artis because it's an uber power saber
  13. stand back and let the mercs deal with the jedi try and kill the milita without the jedi killing you. then the mercs will focus on zrook you start grenading him then use your force powers and finish him off with your lightsaber
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