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  1. i remember the visions of your party the republic and sith troops and the beginning recruiting with bastilla and malak when u enter the tomb but i dont remember seeing revan
  2. i remember going through the tomb and fighting all the visions and all but i dont remember a vision of revan
  3. wait u beat revan... what did i miss... i too beat the game and didnt find a trace of revan
  4. i used the mine trick and just lured him into it...he goes down easy with the mines
  5. when you get matters when you visit dxun...and no u dont have to be DS he is automatic
  6. well most of us have played TSL and i think we all knew that mandalore was canderous considering john cygan was canderous voice in K1 and on malacor 5 kreia confirmed it was canderous....we all knew it was coming but i cant believe hes the only one from K1 that was willing to join your party
  7. i beat the game and i hadnt heard what revans fate was...people were talking about him constantly throughout the game but i never actually heard what happened to him
  8. my second time at the acadamy on on telos i chose the "i am here for my lightsaber" option but atris wouldnt give it to me.......how can i get it from her
  9. it brought me great satisfaction to watch master vrook die by my hand....i also killed the one jedi on nar shadaa with the wierd name...its soo fun
  10. its in atrises chamber on telos but u dont get it back frome her until later in the game
  11. when your where all the handmaidens are in the acadamy is there any way to get past that door atris went into and is there anything important i should be looking for
  12. i just got the game earlier and so far its great...many of us have the game but for the rest who havnt i just wanted to say that its great so far and im still on peragus..i looked forward to this game for so long and obsidian did a great job on it...thanks obsidian
  13. you shall feel the vengance of the pink side!!
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