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  1. Uhh well when i reload what the trade route... it doesnt always have nomi's armband just to let you kno! :D
  2. Although i hated this games ending i disliked the first games ending also, I mean what ever happened to great cinematic endings that show you what actually happened bcs of what you did , I mean in the first kotor you either got a medal or brought the "sith" together, but i mean whatever happened to those great cinematics!
  3. you get the romance if you are a girl with juhani, well thats only the best thing i've heard today, well ive only plyaed as a girl on the darkside so! :D
  4. yea to the best of my knowledge you can't and i've beat that game more times than i can remember!
  5. in the ifrst game you were able to sell things for over 250 it would just ask you if you really wanted to selll it!
  6. uhh you could wear teh mandalorian assault armor from kotor! Yay 600
  7. And where might one find this mod looks very interesting to me!
  8. Uhh... you realize that revan did basically the same thing that exar kun did, except revan didnt even use the sith artifacts he used the rakatan artifacts, and anyways exar kun was known for being a very intelligent man, who happened to be incredibly powerful. now can we just let this topic die!
  9. So is anyone going to try to actually mod the game at all, cuz i would really like to have a vader suit that would be the best
  10. Well i have been wonderin about this to, but I must say that the sith dont really have a central planet, korriban is supposed to be their "tomb world" like egyptians!
  11. Wooooooo first one to vote for Bane, ok so palps is the **** of all that is the bomb**** but he was very very wrinkaly and had clones thats just low i mean cmon the guys power was made in a ****in factory. but bane was hte man to invent it all i mean the word darth of course! :D
  12. Yea if you think about it the next game (if there is one, and if there isnt one ill kill someone.. jk? ) It could have some great pottential for having some great battles that would be as rememberable the movies (the old ones not the new ones but e3 looks assome) but i want some rememberable bosses that will be fun to play against and will also have some significane to the plot cough*Nhilus*cough! :D
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