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  1. Goooood... I can feel your anger. Let the hate flow through you!
  2. The mechanics are easier. In 3.5E I had to memorize a lot, which is not the case with 4E. However, I agree that the classes play more or less the same - sure, there are distinct roles, but every class has the same number of basic abilities (powers). Nevertheless, it seems to me that 4E CRPG can be an entertaining game - I'm curious how the designers will implement the core mechanics. Simplicity is a good feature. Oversimplicity is not, but it's not the case with 4E. The game is fun.
  3. I'd love a 4th ED game. PnP 4the Ed is a great game. I really can't understand all those haters that haven't even tried the game. I have played only a couple of sessions, but the experience was better than with 3.5. If the product is good, I buy it. Although I dislike the drastic changes made to FR, Obsidian has the ability to craft a great story. I don't care if Elminster is a madman, wears pink dress or whatever. I keep my fingers crossed for the designer.
  4. I understand those who are keen on Shadowrun, Steampunkt etc., but these are, unfortunately, niche settings. A developer studio needs money, so a popular setting is a natural choice. It may be not particaulrly ambitious, but in recent times being a risk-taker may not pay off. Yep, MothB story was 'more than decent'! As far as a D&D MMORPG is concerned. I doubt anything can beat WoW. Too many MMORPG treid, and failed. D&D would do no better. :/
  5. D&D 4th edition game please! This systems begs for a computer game. Thw 4th edition Realms seem refreshed, so they could be a good setting. The Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series were true gems. I miss those times. NWN 2 is quite a good game (MotB has a decent story!), so why not make more typical fantasy RPGs? They work for me.
  6. I've not been here for a long, long time... and I just want to say one thing: OBSIDIAN, do another D&D game (4th edition perhaps, since it's coming) set in FR (4th edition, since there will be some major changes, mostly refreshing the setting). MotB was simply awesome and restored my faith in deep, plot-wise cRPGs. Beautiful setting of Rashemen, beautiful characters (especially Gann) and a very intriguing, personal plot. I've not played a decent cRPG since Kotor 1. Now, thanks to MotB, I had the chance.
  7. Can You tell me when did they state that? (I hope not a year ago )
  8. I haven't been here for a long period of time. Can anybody tell me if KototR is even considered being done in the near future (2008) or did LucasArts abandon the game? :/
  9. He was a Sith Apprentice, not a Master (Palpatine). Anyway, we will have to wait for KotOR III. The game should reveal this problem... P.S. Before KotOR it was Bane (I don't remember exactly... maybe another memeber of the Brotherhood of Darkness), who took the "name' 'Darth' (DARk lord of the siTH?), starting the tradition. However, in KotORs... Malak, Revan, Sion, Nihilus and Traya had this 'name'. So, was it Revan who 'invented' it? :D
  10. Wooops... you're mistaken. Lord Kaan (1000 BBY) proclaimed all most powerful memebrs of the Brotherhood of Darkness DARK LORD OS THE SITH (stupid for me, but... it's canonical)*. Prior to that moment there could be only one Dark Lord... and other were merely Sith Lords (who eventually created a Sith Council as portrayed in Dark Horse Comcs concering the Great Hyperspace War). So, there is a problem with the title. If there was a dark Lord of the true Sith... then Revan was an usurpator. :D *So Palaptine was a Dark Lord of the Sith, Maul, Tyranus and Vader also... However, Palpatine hel
  11. I think the PC won't be neither Revan nor Exile. However, it is possible that at the end of the game they will join our party in order to destroy the archvillain (The Dark Lord of the true Sith posssibly). I must admit that it's strange... since there can be only one Dark Lord at a time, yet someone had to rule the remnants of the true Sith after Great Hyperspace War. So... what with Exar Kun? The title was given to him by the spirit of the mighty Marka Ragnos (and other Sith spirits!). The spirits must have been aware of the fact that on the Unknown Regions are his 'brothers', who survive
  12. Excuse me, rumorus are part of life. You can't avoid them. I predict they want to make a game for wider audience... especially kids who like to fight with lightsaber. For me (over 20 years old) these are not features to be valued.
  13. There are lots of rumours... everywhere... about Obsidian hiring people to work on KotOR III. I'm rather sceptic about such news. However, I just wanted to express my opinion about realtime combat system, which I dislike. It's the proper topic, isn't it? P.S. Realtime or realtime? Which is correct? I'm from Poland, you know. English is not my native language.
  14. Is it true that there will be realtime combat system? :/ I will be disappointed, since KotOR is not a Jedi Knight-style game. I want deeper characters, good dialogue... Combat is fun, but shouldn't be the core of the game. What is more, we wouldn't be able to control all 3 characters at the same time. And I don't fight only with lightsabers. Twin blaster are also great fun. :]
  15. 218 Melee. I defeated Traya in a matter of seconds. Every attack = hit. ;] With master flurry, I made an average of 50+50+50 damage per round.
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