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  1. T3-M4: Vreet deet boot de-deeet boop beeep. Exile: What did you say about my mother?! Mandalore: How am I supposed to go to the bathroom in this armor? Rodian: Oota goota, Solo? Hanharr: Raarrraaah! (Eeew, blood!) Exile: So what happens to me? Traya: You will fly off in the Ebon Hawk. Exile: Yeah, and? Traya: That's pretty much it. Exile: What the hell kind of a future is that? Traya: Do not blame me! It's not my fault it sucks.
  2. The so-called Malak's Armor looks more like Zeison Sha. Bindo's Band--10% immunity to DS damage, 10% immunity to LS damage, +3 CHA.
  3. I like having Handmaiden in my party. Definitely used her the most. I hardly used Visas. Only used T3 and Kreia when necessary, and G0-T0 not at all. Atton, Bao-Dur, Mandalore and HK-47 all saw a fair ammount of use.
  4. Bastilla was always in my party, except for certain situations where she couldnt join, like Korriban. Third slot varied. Usually Canderous, HK-47 or Carth. Used Jolee on Kashyyk a little and for the quest on Manaan. Juhani for the solo part on Leviathan. Mission only to get into Vulkar Base. Zaalbar until rescuing Bastilla and early part of Kashyyk. T3 for the Sith base and tough computers.
  5. No, it is more fitting to finish on Malachor V. That is where it started after all, where the Exile was "wounded."
  6. The ending you get is decided by a choice you make on the Rakatan world. Won't get any more specific in case you haven't been there yet.
  7. The part about NWN2 that worries me the most is that it's a sequel of NWN.
  8. Well, you could look at it as letting $20 loose. I'm surprised they'd get anything back. Usually, when you've opened it, they wont let you return it, but may allow you to get a new one if it's broken, provided it hasn't been too long. And how'd they get a version that works on both X-Box and PC?
  9. Please, there is no hyphen in there. That little dent below your nose is called a philtrum.
  10. That always happens. They just have their back turned to the door. Screenshot One--Warning: Exposure to Proton Cores may cause your head to become hollow. Screenshot Two--Vaklu wonders why he and Talia cant work things out. Screenshot Three--Kavar seems to think he's still at the security terminal.
  11. Incorrect. I'm studying Macroeconomics. The government owned the land, the factories, the businesses, everything. They also set prices, wages, etc.
  12. My first play-thru I got a Cyan from Jarron and a Viridian from one of the refugee quests on Nar Shaddaa. The Cyan I used from the start in my first Lightsaber (well after using the Workbench, since Bao-Dur wouldnt let me use it) and the Viridian went in my Short Lightsaber. Cyan looks cool, but the bug is annoying. I've found Silver in the Museum/from Talia and on a corpse on Malachor. Maybe Nar Shadda quest reward too. I've found Orange and Bronze very rarely, and always in a Lightaber.
  13. Yeah, I ounce found two Grey Jedi Robes on Peragus Station
  14. BG 3 will detail Bhaal's exploits before the ToT, siring his children. Baldur's Gate III: Bhall the Player. (or maybe that should be Playa')
  15. Given a choice, I'd take a Wizard over a Fighter most of the time. Sure, I'll play Fighters and other warrior-types, but Wizards are less conventional. A fighter just runs around smashing things As for money, gold is a universal currency. It has high value and can be used just about anywhere. Not so much in modern times. But many RPG's have a Middle Ages-type setting, so it makes sense. Also, Gothic used Ore.
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