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  1. IWD3 from Obisidian? WOW! I hope this is true. (w00t)
  2. I'm still hoping that either Bioware or Obsidian will be the developer. Thankfully, E3 is around the corner so we should hopefully know very soon!
  3. I justed started playing this game and am in Chapter 2. So far, the game is excellent. Wonderful setting, excellent voice-acting, intriguing plot, and fun combat , and I must say, as a whole very original as a result. I hope there is a sequel, as I would love to see the wuxia elements further developed (e.g., more styles, greater emphasis on clans/schools, running on trees, etc.) Although early, I am giving the game a thumbs up!
  4. I'm thinking that the odds are good we will learn more about BG3 at E3. The more difficult question I think is who is making it. What's truly surprising is how well this secret has been kept after so long of a period. As a Jefferson fan, I also wonder if there is any possibility that BG3 might incorporate some of the ideas from the Black Hound. I was very intrigued by the personality traits concept that JE described during his time at BlackIsle. Well, I guess time will tell what BG3 will bring us.
  5. Many months have gone by since the gaming magazines first reported that BG3 was in production by some unknown studio. Since E3 is right around the corner, it would seem like that would be the ideal time to provide more details regarding one of the most popular RPG series in recent memory. I'm hoping that Bioware will be the studio. If not, Obsidian would be okay by me. (w00t) Anyone heard anything more on the BG3 front?
  6. Huh? I dont' get it. The forum may have to close because there isn't a community manager? Let see: 1. Answering questions -- yes, we ask questions, but I don't think that there is an expectation that Obsidian has to answer them. 2. Handling disruptive members -- we have very able moderators and for the most part, I think this is a very behaved community. So please Feargus, keep these boards open.
  7. IWD3? I didn't know that this was a possibility. If Chris A. is willing to helm this project, this could be a very, very promising title! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If I'm not mistaken, Chris A. designed the prologue section of IWD2, which I thought was among the best areas of the entire game. If only the other areas (like Fell Woods) was as good.
  8. IWD3? I didn't know that this was a possibility. If Chris A. is willing to helm this project, this could be a very, very promising title!
  9. Well, Feargus has hinted in the past that he would like to get their own IP, so maybe now's the time?
  10. I too have a sinking feeling that BIO might be the developer of BG3. Dragon Age AND BG3 from Bioware.... that sounds nice!
  11. A more relevant question might be: Is Obsidian the developer of the BG3 game announced by Atari? Interesting question now that Troika appears to be out of the picture...
  12. If I understand correctly, Take Two's deal with baseball is not as good as EA's deal with football. Take Two's deal only applies to third party publishers (locking out EA), but first party publishers like Microsoft are exempt. This would allow EA to do something sneaky like co-publish with Microsoft for an X-box baseball game. All-in-all, this is a bad trend for sports games. ESPN 2k5 is the finest football I've ever played. I was so looking for the next update which will now never come. sigh.
  13. Best adventure game ever. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed/ That was an AMAZING game. A better "sequel" to the original movie than the acutal movie sequels.
  14. Sigh, another one bites the dust. I was hoping to see a TOEE sequel. Yes the original game had its problems and was buggy, but the combat system showed promise. I guess that also means that the fallout-esque game that was being considered is dead as well.
  15. We have been saying this argument for the last 5 years, and I still haven
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