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  1. After checking out the trailer I couldn't detect anything that looked like firearms - it all looked like pretty traditional swords&sorcery stuff to me. Does this mean guns have been dropped? Personally I hope so as I don't like tech getting into my fantasy...
  2. I'm a digital only reward guy and I can't seem to get this working - everytime it asks for my address information it tells me something went wrong. I don't have to enter an address but it wants a phone number and I've tried all sorts of phone number configurations but perhaps it is looking for a number of digits/format one might find in the USA? Could that be what is tripping me up?
  3. I can't believe they spent $40million making the steaming pile of excrement that was DA2 - they were working with an existing engine and only really had to develop the story/dialog plus some new art and sound assets. If it really cost $40 million to make Bioware are in more trouble than I thought. Well, it will be interesting to see what Obsidian can produce for 4 million (particularly considering a substantial portion of that is already committed to making two major cities and a megadungeon).
  4. I was wondering how much Planescape Torment and IWD 1&2 cost to make and if it was anywhere close to the $4million raised for Project Eternity. Obviously 10 years have past since the last of those games were released but I was just trying to get a feel for exactly how much could realistically be achieved with $4million.
  5. When the original Half Life came it it was revolutionary in that it featured a lot of stuff that would become ubiquitous in the FPS genre for the first time: * Scripted sequences (Call of Duty would never have existed without these). * AI more evolved than just advancing/shooting (I remember hiding in a pitched gunfight and hearing "Fire in the Hole" as not one but *two* nades landed right next to me). * Complex puzzles in a 3D environment. * An actual storyline with (semi-) interactive NPCs. * Complex environmental hazards not seen before (slippery floors, electricity, acid, radiation
  6. I replaced the PSU 5 months ago as the last one burnt out. I guess I'll try the thermal paste and see how I go as there didn't seem to be any left when I took the heatsink off.
  7. OK I was happily playing Red Alert 3 last night and my PC died. I actually smelt something akin to burning. I tried a reboot and it lasted about 5 minutes before dying again. After that it didn't get past the boot screen. I took the top off and the smell seemed to be coming from the CPU heatsink. I took it off and checked out the cpu - it looked ok (well ok for something which has seen continuous heavy use for almost 3 years). I waited a bit and then plugged everything back in and then turned the system on - this time the system and heatsink fans wirred
  8. Unless Storm of Zehir is amazing I wouldn't be too fussed about a new NWN2 Expansion. The core engine is just too clunky and, while I prefer the full party control over NWN, the limitations of the camera make the tactical combat a shallow replica of the IE engine games. I wouldn't be suprised if we see a 4th Edition game announced at some stage, likely it will either be BG3 or NWN3...
  9. For a start: * Games where some keys can't be properly customised (usually console ports). * Games with check point only saves that mean you have to repeat tedious sections over and over again. * Mini-games. * Games which use the IP of previous, fondly remembered games, but which have gameplay radically different to the original, beloved games and/or butcher the IP. * NPC Romances. * Expansion Packs/patches which dramatically alter the gameplay of a favourite title.
  10. Can anyone there recommend a good scanner for home use? I'm mainly looking at scanning documents, old photos (not slides or negatives) and maybe stuff from books/comics.
  11. Seven Cardinal Sins of CRPG development: * Thou shalt not decide to create an "Action" CRPG. * Thou shalt not create a 1st/3rd person real time combat system for your party-based CRPG. * Thou shalt not create a game that looks and plays like a FPS but where your chance to hit an opponent is based on statistics. * Thou shalt not waste precious development resources on romances with irritating NPCs. * Thou shalt not require us to play inventory tetris. * Thou shalt not throw so much treasure at us that by the end of the game we are leaving +3 swords lying in the dirt. * Thou shalt not
  12. This game has been hovering on my "somewhat interested" scale for a while, but I must admit from recent previews I've read it looks like it might be a sleeper hit...if it's an indication of a new direction for EA (ie something new and original for a change) that alone will be worthwhile (although they'll probably cripple it with hideous DRM...). Hopefully EA will release a demo shortly.
  13. Storm of Zehir, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Dragon Age, Starcraft II, Alone in the Dark, Call of Duty: World at War, Project Origin, Tomb Raider: Underworld... Of lesser interest: Red Alert 3, Dead Space, Empire: Total War, Fallout 3, Crysis: Warhead, Velvet Assassin, Mercenaries 2 Unfortunately between work and a 5 month old baby I'm hard-pressed to find the time to game at present - I'm still struggling through Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed and Lego: Indy at the moment!
  14. OK - so we know there must be an Aliens RPG and Alpha Protocol team - are there any others working on unannounced projects?
  15. The art on the Game Informer cover looks like Colin McNeil of 2000AD fame...
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